Construction gypsum is the main material widely used in the construction field. It can be divided into two types of raw gypsum and anhydrite according to its type. Due to their different properties, the production line equipment that needs to be selected will also vary. A suitable processing equipment can enhance their value. HGM series ultra-fine mills have high grinding fineness and stable powder quality, which is a new choice for efficient production.
Raw gypsum is also called dihydrate gypsum. After calcination and grinding, β-type hemihydrate gypsum can be obtained, that is, architectural gypsum, also known as cooked gypsum. The most widely used gypsum on the market is the construction industry. The industry with the largest demand for construction gypsum powder (hemihydrate gypsum) is the gypsum board manufacturing industry, which consumes more than 40 million tons of construction gypsum powder annually, mainly for the production of decorative materials such as gypsum board, gypsum lines, gypsum components. The second is the self-leveling gypsum manufacturing industry, with an annual market demand of more than 27 million tons. The price of hemihydrate gypsum is greatly affected by the product whiteness, purity and comprehensive technical performance indicators. Therefore, choosing an advanced production equipment is very important for gypsum production enterprises, which directly affects the interests of enterprises.

HGM series ultra-fine ring roller pulverizer is a high-tech equipment, which is composed of host machine, classifier, blower, belt feeder, storage hopper, piping system, pulse dust collection system, transmission system, electric control cabinet and so on. The grinding wheel and grinding ring are made of special wear-resistant steel, which has low abrasion and high service life, reduces the frequency of downtime maintenance and replacement, and facilitates maintenance. The main machine is equipped with a built-in classification mechanism, a unique classification wheel structure, good classification effect, good product size, no large particle pollution, stable product quality, and hourly output of up to 15 tons per hour. It is the ideal equipment for the current dry production of non-metallic ore fine powder.
gypsum ultrafine mill
HGM series ultra-fine ring roller mill——gypsum ultrafine mill
Mill weight: 17.5-70t
Maximum feed size: ≤20mm
Finished product output: 0.5-45t / h
Product fineness: 0.04-0.005mm
Application Scope: This mill can be widely used in deep processing fields such as metallurgy, chemical rubber, coatings, plastics, pigments, inks, building materials, medicine, food, etc. The grinding effect is remarkable, and it is an ideal equipment for deep processing of non-metallic ores.
Applied materials: For non-metallic minerals such as calcium carbonate, barite, calcite, gypsum, dolomite, potash feldspar, etc., it can be processed by ultra-fine grinding, and the product fineness is easy to adjust and operate.
Pulverizing characteristics: This mill has wide applications, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable performance, high efficiency and environmental protection, and high cost performance. It is the first choice for ultrafine crushing and processing in the field of milling.
Construction gypsum is developing vigorously, and the market demand is constantly increasing. Investing in a high-performance and high-production production line equipment can help gypsum enterprises. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd is a large-scale mill manufacturer with a good reputation in the market. The mill can meet the processing of 20 mesh coarse powder to 2500 mesh ultrafine powder, and the output can be from 1 ton per hour to 700 tons per hour The demand for flour milling can be adapted to local conditions and varies from person to person, and the best selection plan can be selected for customers. For more exciting content, please call +8613917147829.