Gypsum powder classification:
According to different physical properties, Gypsum Powder can be devided into phosphogypsum powder, desulfurized gypsum powder, lemon gypsum powder and fluorite gypsum powder; According to the different colors it can be divided into: red gypsum powder, yellow gypsum powder, green gypsum powder, green gypsum powder, white gypsum powder, blue gypsum powder and color gypsum powder; According to different physical properties, it can be divided into dolomite gypsum powder, clay gypsum powder, chlorite gypsum powder, alabaster powder, talc gypsum powder, sandy gypsum powder and fiber gypsum powder; According to use, Gypsum powder can be divided into: building materials with gypsum powder, chemical gypsum powder, gypsum powder mold, food gypsum powder and cast gypsum powder.
Gypsum powder use:

The use of gypsum powder is very broad, gypsum powder can be used as building gypsum board, gypsum block, putty powder, quick-drying powder and in plaster line construction products as raw materials. Such as to use gypsum in tofu, in the famous Chinese medicine "White Tiger soup", the gypsum is the main drug, for the treatment of acute high fever, thirst, irritability it has a very good effect. Dentists use gypsum to make tooth model, the surgeon to fracture use plaster to fix affected part of patients.  
Which Processing Plant can Produce 20ton Gypsum Powder in an hour?

Mining Powder Processing Plant is applied for material grinding with hardness less than 7, especially Gypsum. Gypsum mill is also called ultra-fine grinding machine, micro-powder mill, superfine grinding mill. HGM Gypsum Powder Processing Machine has discharging granularity between 325-3000mesh, and YGM Gypsum Powder Processing Machine 80-325mesh. Both of their capacity can reach 20t/h. If you plant to invest gypsum powder project, please contact with us now.