You know there is a system capable of chalk, putty, tofu magical things it? It is gypsum. Natural gypsum nontoxic to humans, non-corrosive, building materials blending process are made of natural inorganic material, and thus, it is a green building materials. Gypsum is a widely used industrial material and building materials, can be used in cement retarder, gypsum building products, model making, medical food additives, sulfuric acid production, paper filler, paint fillers.
Gypsum powder is grinded by gypsum grinding mill to get through the plaster environmentally friendly mineral powder. Now, gypsum aroused more and more attention, it has become a huge new industry; it is mainly used gypsum Raymond mill, gypsum ultrafine mill, the European version gypsum hammer mill for processing and production of gypsum powder.
Gypsum powder production processing
First: large gypsum ore broken into pieces smaller than 30mm particles by gypsum crusher and  were delivered to the gypsum grinding mill;
Second: Separator will reach after grinding fineness of gypsum products for the raw powder into boiling furnace firing, the rest of the grinding mill until qualified return again. Roaster is building gypsum calcining equipment in the country the most widely device, the device is simple in structure, easy to operate.
Third: the calcined gypsum powder into the clinker qualified memory or storage products into the workshop.
Gypsum powder production line equipment needs include: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, gypsum mill, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and so on.
Gypsum powder production line
First, chunks of natural gypsum transported by vibrating feeder evenly into the jaw crusher preliminary crushing; through vibrating sieve screening, the particle size of the material in line with the requirements of transport to the gypsum grinding mill, does not meet the requirements it returns the jaw crusher reprocessing. Thus form a closed loop of gypsum powder production line system.
Shanghai Clirik has many advantages in terms of gypsum powder making, our gypsum ultrafine mill is a very good plaster mill. The gypsum ultrafine mill, desulfurization effect is remarkable, easy to operate. And from the investment, power consumption, aspects of wearing parts wear, material moisture adaptability of view, is the current level of technology and process conditions ideal milling machine. Enhance the energy efficiency of the system, reduce production costs and improve the quality concentrate effective, can create greater profit margins for enterprises to improve the overall effectiveness of the development and utilization of mineral resources.
Shanghai Clirik gypsum ultrafine grinding mill equipment is gypsum processing industry Required equipment. Shanghai Clirik by gypsum application examples, improve their equipment, production of high-standard products, to help customers solve solid waste, production gypsum, gypsum powder to reduce production costs in the processing of gypsum powder has unparalleled advantages, is the 21st century gypsum powder factory Preferred processing mill manufacturers. By pushing forward the continuous grinding mill equipment and technology, to solve the past performance behind the higher cost of production problems, promote the plaster milling of new development.