Natural gypsum or desulfurizing gypsum processed by dedicated mill and then heating,calcined to produce plaster for building. This is Clirik designed one set of gypsum powder production technology with large capacity and high efficiency based on nearly 20 years experience in the development of mill machine.

The processing of gypsum powder production line for building

According to process requirements, the main process of building gypsum production line includes the following aspects, crushing, grinding, calcination, storage conveyor, electric control system. We use crusher to crush chunks of gyprum ore into particles which is smaller than 3cm, then delivered them to the mill for grinding. After grinding,the raw gypsum powder which achieve the desired fineness will be sent into the fluidized bed furnace to be calcined, and the rest will return to the mill for re-grinding until qualified. Calcined and qualified gypsum powder will be sent into the clinker for storage or sent into the workshop directly. Under normal circumstances, the expected size is of 80-120 mesh which in line with gypsum powder fineness

The grinding system is mainly configured equipments: vibrating feeder, elevator, storage silos, mills, dust remover,etc. Gypsum grinding equipment is mainly using the latest high-efficiency MTW European type grinding mill. It has large capacity and high fineness with simple process, become the best choice for many customers.

Gypsum Powder Production Line Manufacturer
In the modern industry, usually, the gypsum powder has 100 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh, and 4,000 mesh. An entire gypsum powder production line is consisted of the following stages, such as the crushing stages, grinding stages, calcining stage, and packing stage, etc. As a professional manufacturer of mining equipment, CLIRIK can offer all mining machines involved in the production process of gypsum powder. In addition, we can design a whole set of gypsum powder production line according to the particular requirements of customers. If you have an interest in our gypsum powder processing machines or production line, please contact us!