How to make gypsum powder? What machines will be needed for a whole gypsum powder production line?
Generally gypsum powder making process need 5 steps: Crushing--Grinding--Classification--Powder Collection--Drying

gypsum powder making process
Gypsum Powder Production Line

1. The First Stage: Crushing
In this stage,the main equipment is crusher,such as jaw crusher,hammer crusher, impact crusher ,cone crusher and so on. Among them jaw crusher is most common used.It can crush large gypsum pieces into fist-sized or smaller gypsum lumps for next stage use.

2.The Second Stage: Grinding
In this stage,grinding mill grind gypsum lumps into fine and ultrafine gypsum powder.According the powder size and output capacity there are different kinds of grinding machines for choice. 

3.The Third Stage: Classification
In this stage,classifier will classify qualified fineness gypsum powder and return unqualified gypsum powder to regrind.

4.The Fourth Stage: Powder Collection
Through last stage, the qualified gypsum powder will be deliveried to powder collector.

5.The Fifth Stage: Drying
In the last stage the gypsum powder will be dried by calcination equiment like rotary kiln.