For gysum powder making ,which grinding mills can be selected?

What is gypum?

Gypsum is a very common material. In ancient times, gypsum was used to make tofu.
Today, gypsum is more widely used, industrial materials and building materials are used most, and medicine, food, and abrasive processing are also of great value.
In the milling industry, gypsum powder is one of the five major gel materials. The role of the gypsum powder is not to be underestimated.
In the face of so many application markets, what are the mills used for gypsum powder grinding?

Which kinds of mills can be selected for gypsum powder grinding?

Raymond mill has a particle size of 30-425 mesh and a yield of 0.9-9.5 tons/hour. The general fineness of processing is not much demand, and the output is not high.
The high-pressure mill has a particle size of 30-425 mesh (specially reachable). 1000 mesh), the output is 1-35 tons / hour, similar to the fineness of Raymond mill, but the output is much higher.
The European version of the mill is not only finer and more uniform, high output, and efficiency compared with the former two. Large, more energy-saving;
Ultra fine powder grinding mill is used for ultra-fine powder processing. The finest fineness can reach 2500 mesh, which is difficult for the naked eye to see. The above milling equipment can be used for gypsum powder grinding, but the specific selection is also It needs to be determined according to the user's general purpose and output.

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