Egyptian customers visit CLIRIK for his gypsum powder production line project Our company's technology and translators accompany Egyptian customers to inspect gypsum mills

At 10 o'clock on the morning of May 27, Egyptian customers came to our factory to inspect the ultrafine gypsum mill equipment. It is reported that the customer is a gypsum micro-powder processor in the Cairo region of Egypt. This time, he came to China to inspect the ultra-fine gypsum micro-powder equipment. The station will go to Shanghai Collier Machine Co., Ltd. The customer's processing gypsum has a fineness of 1,250 mesh and 2,500 mesh. This fineness configuration is in line with the production requirements of our company's hgm series of ultra fine mills. During our three-month conversation, Egyptian customers Our company's mill equipment is relatively recognized, and we have sent a senior technical consultant from Egypt to our factory to have a detailed understanding of the details of the ultra-fine mill.

The customer's gypsum micropowder project is expected to produce 50,000 tons of gypsum powder of 1250 mesh per year. According to customer requirements, the customer selected our company's type of mill equipment - HGM125 ultra fine mill. According to the customer's response, several gypsum milling equipments that our company has stationed in the Cairo area of ​​Egypt are in good working condition, so they came here for field visits. Our company has also sent English proficiency, technical knowledge to understand more comprehensive foreign trade personnel to accompany the customer, and to translate and introduce the products.

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