Gypsum superfine mill is an excellent equipment for the production of fine powder.
It not only has the advantages of high productivity and low energy consumption, but also has the characteristics of energy-saving production.
It is applied to gypsum powder, talcum powder, marble powder, feldspar powder, 
dolomite powder and so on. 
In the powder processing production, it can grind 325-3000 mesh powder, and grind 800 mesh gypsum powder can achieve greater market value by using Shanghai Clirik's gypsum powder equipment superfine mill.
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. tailor-made the selection plan, set the reasonable price of gypsum superfine mill, and wholeheartedly create benefits for customers' gypsum powder project.
Why can the gypsum ultra-fine grinding machine only be processed to 3000 mesh? To answer this question, we must start from the working principle of the grinding equipment. 

The main part of the ultra-fine grinding machine consists of the main machine, the analysis machine, the fan, the bypass powder collector, and the crucible. Crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, storage bin and other components.
When working, the crusher breaks up the material, and the hoist and the feeder lift and transport the material. In the superfine mill, the grinding ring ring consisting of grinding disc grinding roller impacts, rolls, and grinds.
The processing of the layer loop is turned into a powder, and the powder separator has corresponding requirements for screening for pass and fail.

As a professional mill equipment, the gypsum powder equipment superfine mill is a grinding equipment manufactured by Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd, which has comprehensive mechanical crushing performance such as rolling, grinding and impact. The equipment system is mainly composed of main machine and feeder. , classifier, blower, pipeline device, storage hopper, electronic control system, collection system, etc., is recognized as an energy-saving and consumption-reducing production equipment in the powder market, with large crushing ratio and high energy utilization rate, using pulse dust collector It can achieve 99% dust collection effect and is an excellent grinding equipment.
The price of the 800 mesh gypsum superfine grinding mill is based on the configuration of the selection scheme to give a reasonable price match. We provide cost-effective selection and configuration solutions according to customers' grinding requirements, formulate reasonable mill prices, help each gypsum powder enterprise to reduce energy consumption, achieve environmentally friendly production, and create greater benefits. Welcome to call our hotline. Phone to learn more about gypsum superfine mill, contact: +8613917147829