It is understood that China's natural gypsum mineral resources are abundant, the total reserves is nearly 60 billion tons, ranking first in the world. In recent years, along with the development of gypsum products industry, gypsum powder with a variety of different uses has also been promoted, especially in the building materials industry, chemical industry and agriculture gypsum powder has been more widely used.
According to the engineers of Shanghai Clirik, industrial by-product gypsum powder is made after after calcination, crushing, milling equipment. Its main application areas include building materials and construction industry, chemical industry and agriculture:
1.Gypsum powder in building materials mainly as anhydrite cement and cementing materials, used as a solvent and cleaning agent of glass production process, and as a filler other industrial production.
Gypsum Powder Production Line
Gypsum powder used in concrete products is in order to improve the frost resistance, chemical resistance and stability of cement. Gypsum powder is one of the five gelling materials used as a portland cement retarder in the concrete industry. In the cement clinker adding the appropriate amount of gypsum, which can make cement products in the air shrinkage rate 30% to 50%, greatly improving frost resistance, chemical resistance and stability of the cement.
2.Desulfurization gypsum powder in power plant: With the rapid development of China's economy and the importance of environmental protection in recent years, power plant desulfurization has become a part of the process in power plant, resulting in a large number of desulfurization gypsum. At present, the world's most technically mature desulfurization process is lime, limestone-gypsum, limestone-gypsum. Limestone powder desulfurization produces by-product gypsum.
3.Agriculture: Gypsum powder used in the role of agriculture mainly in the improvement of soil, for fertilizer and poultry feed and so on:
A.Improve the soil, adjust the pH, suitable for soil improvement of saline soil, red soil.
B.In the edible fungus cultivation, it is used as calcium, sulfur compound mineral fertilizer, adjust the pH of the culture medium.
C.In poultry, livestock feed it's used as a composite mineral feed additives.
In order to meet the market demand for gypsum powder, Clirik as a well-known domestic manufacturer of Gypsum Grinding Mill, developed a mature gypsum powder production line technology and complete sets of equipment, with domestic advanced technology. Among them, MTW European mill is the most widely used in China and abroad, simple structure, compact, large production capacity, compact equipment, easy to damage, small footprint, low consumption, easy operation make gypsum powder production favored by enterprises.