There is a rich reserve of natural gypsum mineral resource. In recent years, along with the development of gypsum products industry, gypsum powder with different uses have also been promoted, especially in building materials industry, chemical industry and agriculture.

Gypsum powder, as a kind of industrial by-product, is produced by Gypsum Powder Production Line, which consists of calcination, crushing machine, grinding machine, and so on. It has main applications as follows:

1.gypsum powder as building materials:

It is mainly used as filler and binder in the industrial production of plastic, rubber, paint, asphalt, linoleum and so on. And it is mainly used as the auxiliary solvent and purifying agent in the glass production process. In addition, Gypsum powder used in concrete products can improve the frost resistance, chemical resistance and stability of cement.

Gypsum Powder Production Line

2.gypsum powder for desulfurization of powder plant:

You know, power plant desulfurization has become an important technology in a power plant, which produces a large number of desulfurization gypsum.
The world's most mature desulfurization process is lime, limestone - gypsum method, limestone - gypsum method. And it is desulfurization of limestone powder produces by-product - gypsum.

3.gypsum powder used in agriculture:

Gypsum powder used in agriculture, its use is mainly in the role of improve soil, as fertilizer, poultry feed and so on.
In order to meet the market demand for gypsum powder, Shanghai Clirik as a well-known powder making equipment and overall program supplier, developed a mature gypsum powder production line technology and complete sets of equipment with advanced technology equipment at home and abroad.

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