The cost of gypsum powder production is low, so gypsum powder production has a broader market prospects. Shanghai Clirik focus on the production of nonmetallic mineral processing technology. So we have the newest technology gypsum grinding machine now.

The use of a hydraulic system in one gypsum grinding machine could adjust the size of the mine discharge. Hydraulic system can effectively ensure the safe operation of the equipment. A foreign body in the grinding chamber, the hydraulic system can make the movable cone automatic back. The automatic control system of the large diameter spindle, the heavy main frame and the independent thin oil lubrication system is used to ensure the durable and reliable operation.

The use of dry oil seal in the gypsum grinding machine of gypsum can separate the stone powder from the lubricating oil, reduce the pollution of lubrication, prevent and control the pollution of dust diffusion to the environment, save the cost and improve the working efficiency. The utility model can be used for the grinding of large gypsum, and effectively solves the problem that the original side is provided with a gypsum supply, and a large amount of gypsum cannot be stored at the same time.

gypsum grinding machine

Shanghai Clirik gypsum grinding machine has been successfully running and efficient production in a gypsum processing factory, and obtains the customer the consistent approval "in the design, the engineer clirik demonstrated a strong creative, the whole system to increase the automatic alarm system and detection system of bunker, and all of the design, installation and debugging are free we are very satisfied."

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