With the economic development, high-rise buildings are in the active, the country's wall work is also deepening, gypsum powder has been hot-selling product in building materials market. Gypsum is a kind of rock-like mineral in the earth's crust. The process of obtaining gypsum slurry is not complicated, and the process of gypsum powder production is simple and flexible to meet the needs of indoor construction. As necessary equipments in gypsum powder production process, use of crusher and mill is more extensive, market requirement for crusher, gridnign machinery continues to increase.
Gypsum crushing usually needs two broken. In the primary crushing, people use coarse crusher to crush the ore into small particles, the general particle size is controlled in 8cm below, after screening, the larger particles are re-broken, the smaller particles into the secondary crusher by the belt conveyor. The particle diameter is controlled in 2 cm below, and then through the bucket elevator into the rotary kiln, to be calcined. Sintering process is the production of gypsum powder gypsum powder the main process, carried out in the rotary kiln.
Gypsum Powder Production Line
Gypsum powder production line process can be summarized as: gypsum ore → vibration feeder → jaw crusher → bucket elevator → raw material warehouse → mill → bucket elevator → boiling furnace → bucket elevator → conveyor → clinker Warehouse cooling, storage → finished, in which grinding link is particularly critical.
At present mills used in the gypsum powder production process are Raymond Mill, three-ring medium-speed grinding mill, European version coarse grinding mill, vertical milling equipment and other grinding equipments, according to the required fineness of gypsum powder to select appropriate milling equipment. The series of mill is produced by Shanghai Clirik, of which automatic control system achieves truly automated production technology. Product quality is stable and reliable, and has high-quality performance, much favored by the market.