Gypsum is monoclinic fine mineral, the main chemical composition is hydrate of calcium sulfate (CaSO4). There is a lot uses of gypsum in architecture, medicine, paper, paint, chemicals. Natural gypsum mine is generally dihydrate calcium sulfate, commonly known as gypsum. After calcination we can get β-hemihydrate gypsum, that is, calcined gypsum. Gypsum used in building materials for cement, paper gypsum board, powder wall putty powder, partition walls, ceiling and so on. Gypsum used in building materials is a crushing and grinding process. Both gypsum and plaster can be crushed and grinded, but the efficiency of the gypsum is higher because the calcined gypsum is looser. Natural gypsum ore after through the coarse crusher, into the kiln, then we will see the white block of minerals, that is, plaster of Paris. And at this time it's the most appropriate to use a complete set of grinding system to process material into fine powder. 
In order to meet the different requirements of different manufacturers, Shanghai Clirik launched a number of programs about gypsum grinding production line, including Gypsum Fine Grinding Mill and Gypsum Coarse Grinding Mill
1.0-150mesh Gypsum Coarse Powder Production line
Equipped with jaw crusher and sand making machine, this model can greatly reduce production costs, consumables and energy consumption. It is also our main coarse powder processing technology, production is up to 15 tons one hour. 
Gypsum Fine Grinding Mill and Gypsum Coarse Grinding Mill

2.150-425mesh Gypsum Fine Powder Production line
Equipped with jaw crusher and high pressure grinding mill, this grinding system is relatively more mature. There are 5 types of high pressure grinding mill of Shanghai Clirik: YGM7815, YGM8514, YGM9518, YGM4121, YGM4528, largest production is 20t/h. There is a indian customer, who plans to process 200mesh gypsum powder, and requires capacity 12.8t/h. Compared to other domestic manufacturers of the same type of milling system, Shanghai Clirik supply you Gypsum Fine Grinding Mill and Gypsum Coarse Grinding Mill with better cost-effective, low energy consumption, stable mill performance. 
3.425-3000mesh Gypsum Micro Fine Powder Production line
Today, social industry is developping, the demand for ultra-fine powder is more and more. Ultra-fine gypsum powder also has a wider range of applications, which requires a number of ultra-fine grinding system. Ultrafine grinding mill from Clirik can reach 3000mesh finished product. It uses continuous roll grinding of a number of ring and rollers to achieve the target fineness, it can be said to challenge the physical grinding limit of equipment. 
Shanghai Clirik is a professional manufacturer of Gypsum Grinding Mills. We study grinding operations of hundreds of ore, mineral materials. Gypsum is not only one of the key research materials, but also one of our targeted promotional materials. We have a lot of customers at the scene, welcome to your visit and research!