Gypsum grinding mill is one of common gypsum powder grinding machines, the gypsum grinding mill can be used in including gypsum and other 150 kinds of stone materials grinding, such as: calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, limestone and so on. However, you need pay more attention to these seven situations, when the gypsum grinding mill is working.

gypsum grinding mill

1. In the process of using the gypsum grinding mill, there should be fixed personnel to take charge of it, and the operator must have certain technical level. Prior to installation, operators must carry out necessary technical training so as to understand the principle and performance of the mill and be familiar with the operation rules.

2. Because the gypsum grinding mill usually works outside, the broken material is some large ore, so the operator must pay attention to the mill operator, strictly prohibit the metal block into the machine and find out the machine immediately, otherwise it will damage the grinding roller and grinding ring.

3. In the use of flour mills, the moisture content of materials must be strictly controlled. It is very easy for the materials with high moisture content to cause the fine powder in the mill to take up the abrasive body due to the excessive viscosity, which seriously affects the quality and output of the products.

4. Must be in accordance with the prescribed standards to add material, otherwise it will cause the final particle size is uneven, coarse and thin, affecting the milling effect.

5. To grasp the adjustment of the volume of wind, according to the fineness and production requirements properly adjusted, no matter the excessive air volume or the excessive air volume will have a bad effect on the effect of the final Raymond mill effect of the mill.

6. Secondly, after using a period of time, the mill should be overhauled and the worn parts such as the grinding roller ring spreader are repaired and replaced, and the roller device should be carefully checked before and after the use of the connecting bolt nut to see if there is a loose phenomenon and whether the grease is added enough.

7.Master the correct stopping method, stop the feeding before the shutdown, about a moment, and so on, and so on, when there is no remaining material in the gypsum grinding mill’s silo, this can be cut off. After the grinding work is stopped, the motor of the fan is stopped, so that the residual powder can be blown.