As we all know, there is rich in mineral resources in China such as gypsum, barite, calcium carbonate and so on. According to one report, gypsum in Hunan is rich in stored raw materials. So choose one good quality gypsum grinding mill is very important. There are many mineral materials rich in gypsum content, such as talcum powder more than one million tons, dolomite and limestone content are also very rich. Therefore, Hunan province has become domestic industry area of phosphorous iron ore, gypsum and fertilizer.

There are abundant gypsum ore reserves and now the only way to gain wealth is developing the powder industry. Gypsum can be widely used in various aspects after being processed by industry grinding mill. For example, gypsum less than 200mesh can be used in feed addictive factory, 250-300 mesh can be used in plastic factory, rubber factory, paint factory, raw material factory and waterproof plant and internal and external wall paint with white degree higher than 85%, 400-600mesh can be applied in toothpaste and soap with 95% of white degree. If the powder is over 1250mesh it can be better used in coating, paint products or paper making application with white degree over 95%. In the gypsum powder production line, the size of the powder varies according to the grinding mill. This is the most important part. Therefore, equipping with high quality gypsum grinding mill is very necessary.

gypsum grinding mill

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