A complete set of gypsum powder production line including gypsum lumps crushing machine (in general is the hammer crusher or jaw crusher), elevator, silo, gypsum powder making machine (there are many machines you can choose, such as: gypsum grinding mill, Raymond mill, vertical roller mill, high pressure grinding mill and so on), gypsum lumps or powder conveyor, dust collector, gypsum powder packing machine and so on.

Gypsum Powder Production Line

Gypsum Lumps Crushing: it’s the first step in the gypsum powder production line, we usually choose jaw crusher as the primary crushing machine, and if the gypsum lumps has a larger size, we will also set a hammer crusher as the nest step to crush the gypsum lumps into a suitable size.

Elevator&Silo: generally speaking, the capacity of stone crusher is larger than powder grinding mills, so before we transport the gypsum lumps into the gypsum powder machine by conveyor, we need to set a silo to storage these gypsum lumps.

Gypsum Powder Grinding: this is the most important link to process the gypsum powder, the large size gypsum lumps will be grind into the gypsum powder in the gypsum grinding mill. According to your different demand about the finial powder size, you should choose different gypsum powder grinding mills.

50-400 mesh: gypsum Raymond mill
300-2500 mesh: gypsum ultra fine powder mill
1250-3000 mesh: gypsum vertical roller mill

Conveyor: conveyor is the link of all parts in the gypsum powder production line, it’s also play a very important role in the line.

Dust Collector: during the production of gypsum powder, there will be a lot of dust. So set a dust collector for your gypsum powder production line is very necessary.

Gypsum Powder Packing: it’s the final link of gypsum powder production line, the final product will be packed in this step, and waiting for be sold. However, for many gypsum powder making factory, they want to sale the gypsum powder in a higher price, they also can choose a gypsum powder coating machine to chance the gypsum powder physical property.