Gypsum vertical mill usually be called gypsum vertical roller mill is especially good for gypsum powder grinding. Compare with the common stone powder grinding mill or other traditional powder making machines, the gypsum vertical mill has such advantages so makes itself so popularity by the gypsum powder making factories.

gypsum vertical roller mill

1 low investment costs

Vertical mill is divided into crushing, drying, grinding, classification and transportation in one, the system is simple, compact layout, covers an area of about 50% of the ball milling system, and can be arranged in the open, so a large number of investment costs can be reduced.

2 low operating costs

High grinding efficiency of grinding roller compacted ground material directly on the disc, low energy consumption, energy saving and grinding system compared to 40%. And it’s equipped with an automatic control system. Can realize remote control, simple operation.

3 strong drying ability

Because the hot air is directly contacted with the material in the mill, the drying ability is strong, and the energy is saved, the vertical mill can meet the requirements of different humidity materials by adjusting the hot air temperature.

4 stable product quality

Due to the short residence time of the material in the mill, it is easy to detect and control the particle size and chemical composition of the product, reduce the repeated grinding and stabilize the product quality.

5 easy maintenance

Vertical mill through the maintenance of the oil cylinder, flip the arm, replace the roller sleeve, liner convenient and quick, reduce downtime loss.

6 environmental friendly

The vertical mill has the advantages of small vibration, low noise, and integral sealing of the equipment, and the system can work under negative pressure, and the utility model has the advantages of no dust overflow, clean environment and meeting the requirements of national environmental protection.