What equipment can be used to grind gypsum? For gypsum mines, the application of gypsum pulverizer can grind different fineness, used in different market areas, to help create greater value. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd provides professional mill equipment for the gypsum powder grinding market, creating greater value for gypsum powder projects.

1. Gypsum powder grinding machine

What is the use of gypsum mill? What manufacturers are suitable for grinding gypsum? Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd provides large-scale milling equipment for gypsum projects to meet the processing and production needs of gypsum mines. The vertical mill equipment integrates drying, grinding, grading and conveying as a whole, which breaks through the disadvantages of traditional milling and achieves high-efficiency and high-efficiency grinding.
Vertical mill equipment is a large-scale equipment produced by CLIRIK, which has a very strong adaptability to high humidity, dry materials, difficult-to-grind and easy-grind materials, and can be used to grind non-metallic ores, thermal power plants, cement plants, metallurgy, building materials And many other fields. The equipment is energy-saving and noise-reducing mill equipment, which is matched with the forced turbine classification system, and the classification accuracy is even and fine. At the same time, the full pulse dust collection system can achieve 99% efficiency dust collection.

2. Recommended equipment for construction gypsum powder production line (natural gypsum):

This type of gypsum powder production line uses domestic mature technology equipment, such as vertical mill, boiling furnace, etc. Boiling furnace is a building gypsum calcination equipment. This gypsum production line not only fully meets the requirements of national energy saving and emission reduction, but also can easily realize automatic control. The quality of the finished gypsum powder is good, the physical properties are stable, and the running cost of the production line is low.

3. Recommended equipment for desulfurization gypsum production line (special for power plant):

At present, the mature desulfurization method in the world is the limestone-gypsum method. CLIRIK vertical mills and European mills are especially suitable for large-scale limestone and white ash powder in the desulfurization gypsum line. In thermal power plants, the desulfurization rate is over 95%.

4. How much is a Raymond mill?

The European version of the mill produced by CLIRIK is an upgraded version of Raymond Mill, which has now reached the fifth generation upgrade. The output of processed gypsum powder varies from several tons to several tens of tons per hour, and there are great differences in equipment selection, scheme configuration and price budget.

5. CLIRIK provides tailor-made services

As a manufacturer, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd has always been customer-centric and market-oriented, and is committed to providing tailor-made services for each customer. The formulation of each selection plan requires an understanding of the project's fineness, production capacity, Information such as equipment installation area. Therefore, before sales, the sales and technical team will communicate and negotiate with customers to obtain detailed selection options, so as to match the ideal mill price, help customers reduce investment costs, and create value.
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