Now, many cities gypsum powder is widely used, especially in recent years the rise of the domestic real estate industry, the improvement of building energy requirements and the amount of various types of light board soared, making the provinces and autonomous regions of the yearly amount of gypsum powder increase, gypsum powder has become one of the regional construction interior decoration material indispensable.

As cro Te mineral gypsum rocks in the form, in the process to get the gypsum slurry is not complicated, dig gypsum mine layer of cro You, after a specific section ore thermal treatment of dehydration process through the factory floor in a fine white powder, the plaster is generally the white powder of the gypsum powder and water, after drying harden. Good performance, gypsum powder of embodiment in various building systems in the high position. gypsum powder has a good performance fire resistant, effectively guarantee the safety of the construction, straddling the material properties is beneficial to adjust the indoor humidity, when the indoor humidity is high, the water suction interstitial can be; On the contrary, the hours and humidity inside can be released into the pore water automatically adjust the indoor humidity, people feel comfortable. Gypsum powder production process is simple and flexible to meet the demand of domestic construction. Gypsum building comprises two gypsum product with water of hydration, and then in water two gypsum. Waste gypsum building material crushed by the crusher, milled grinding processing machine, sieving and then calcined gypsum building material and can be used as a production raw material, does not produce construction waste.


Gypsum powder manufacturing process plant  is used to grind the large gypsum particles into gypsum powder. Raw gypsum which is suitable for calcining process in boiling furnace is produces in this process.As a major grinding mill manufacturer, Clirik can supply Raymond mill, Ball mill,Ultrafine mill,Hammer mill used for gypsum grinding.

We by use and suggestions gypsum customers, based on Raymond Mill on the design of renewed pressure scale mill plant, gypsum powder provides high fine milling equipment, high efficiency, energy savings and new plaster is the customer. Our factory using creation rollers and ring equipment, effective balance compression springs and another special structure, has become the first choice of grinding equipment in the production of powder gypsum.