Gypsum powder production line / Gypsum production line

Based on the research experience of R&D milling equipment for more than 30 years, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd has adopted the European version of grinding and vertical grinding equipment for various characteristics of gypsum. The whole production line adopts DCS automatic control system to realize automatic production. technology. The production line equipment has good performance, high production efficiency, good product quality, supplemented by dust collectors, and meets the national environmental protection requirements, which is highly favored by the market.

Process system / Process system

  1. Crushing system
  2. Storage conveyor system
  3. Grinding system
  4. Calcination system
  5. Electronic control system

The crusher breaks the large-sized gypsum ore into small pieces of less than 30mm, and sends them to the mill for grinding. After the grinding machine, the gypsum raw powder which has reached the required fineness of the product after grinding is sent to the boiling furnace for calcination. The unqualified material is returned to the mill for re-grinding until it is qualified. The qualified gypsum powder after calcination is sent to the clinker silo for storage or sent to the product workshop for use.

Recommended equipment

YGM high pressure Raymond mill

HGM micro powder grinding mill
HGM ultrafine gypsum powder grinding mill

Application Area / Application Area

The application of gypsum powder has been used for a long time. In the early days, it was simply used to make chalk, putty, tofu and handicrafts. It has been widely used in many fields such as construction, building materials, power plants, paper, paint, food, medicine and so on. According to different application fields of gypsum powder, the gypsum powder production line can be divided into an architectural gypsum production line and a desulfurization gypsum production line.

gypsum application

Building gypsum production line (natural gypsum)

This kind of gypsum powder production line adopts domestic mature and stable process equipment, such as vertical mill and boiling furnace. The boiling furnace is a widely used building gypsum calcining equipment. This gypsum production line not only fully meets the national energy conservation and emission reduction requirements, but also easy to achieve automatic control. The quality of gypsum powder products is good, the physical properties are stable, and the operating cost of the production line is low, which has become a must for investment choices of customers.

Desulfurization gypsum production line (for power plant)
At present, the most mature technology in the world is the limestone-gypsum method. In order to improve the flue gas desulfurization efficiency, the calcium oxide content and fineness in the limestone powder used for desulfurization are higher in the desulfurization process technology. Clirik's vertical mill and European version of grinding mill in the desulfurization gypsum production line, especially suitable for the large-scale production of limestone and white ash powder, is widely used in the desulfurization and milling process of steel plants and thermal power plants, the desulfurization rate is 95%. Above, the effect is remarkable.