As one of the gel materials, gypsum powder is especially used in the production of industrial abrasive tools and art models. This kind of gypsum powder generally requires relatively high fineness, and the ultrafine mill is an indispensable device. Below we will briefly understand the application of the ultra-fine mill in the processing of gypsum powder.
In order to process gypsum powder, it is necessary to grind the gypsum ore using an ultrafine mill. There is a large amount of gypsum production in China every year, and the development of the gypsum industry is also the need to build a circular economy. Therefore, the ultra-fine mill has become the pursuit of many investors. In the process of gypsum production and processing, HGM ultrafine mill is very popular with customers. Generally speaking, the process of the gypsum production line is as follows: first, the gypsum ore is crushed and processed to meet the particle size requirements of the mill, then the grinding process is carried out, and then the boiling furnace is subjected to heating treatment, and the finished product is stored.
HGM Ultrafine Mill for Gypsum Powder Processing
In this process, the link of grinding is very critical. The quality of the gypsum mill directly determines the quality of the gypsum produced. The HGM ultra-fine ring roller mill has comprehensive mechanical crushing properties such as rolling, grinding, and impact. It is an ultra-fine crushing equipment that is truly efficient, energy-saving, and especially suitable for the deep processing of non-metallic minerals. The pulverizer has a small area, strong completeness, wide application, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable performance, and high cost performance. Compared with the traditional R type machine, it has the characteristics of fine product size and low energy consumption.
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