As a common ore raw material, the application of gypsum resources is very broad. Gypsum with different sizes has different applications. Generally gypsum referrs to raw gypsum and anhydrite. Natural gypsum dihydrate (CaSO4 · 2H2O), is also known as raw gypsum. After calcination, grinding gypsum can be β-type hemihydrate gypsum (2CaSO4 · H2O), the building gypsum, also known as plaster. If the calcination temperature is 190 °C, we get model gypsum, its fineness and whiteness is higher than building gypsum. If the calcination temperature is 400-500 °C or higher than 800 °C, we get the floor plaster, of which the condensation, hardening is slow. And after hardening strength, wear resistance and water resistance is better than ordinary building gypsum as wel. Usually white, colorless transparent crystal known as selenite, sometimes with impurities shows ash, light yellow, light brown and other colors. 
gypsum grinding mill
In natural gypsums, dihydrate gypsum has the most widely use. The active ingredient is dihydrate calcium sulfate, we generally according to content of dihydrate calcium sulfate to grade the gypsum. Gypsum has a wide range of applications and a wide range of products. Different uses have different requirements for the quality of gypsum raw materials. High grade gypsum is used for the production of special gypsum products, such as food, medical, art, models and chemical fillers; Gypsum ore with less than 60% of calcium sulfate dihydrate is rarely used. Gypsum ore with more than 60% of calcium sulfate dihydrate is used in various fields such as building materials and construction according to its content. 
Gypsum powder
Gypsum powder plays an important role in a variety of industries, gypsum grinding mill is also more and more important. As a large manufacturer and supplier of stone crusher and milling equipments, our grinding mill can produce gypsum powder and gypsum fine powder.
Grinding mills supplied by Clirik are ultrafine mill, Raymond mill, vertical roll mill, high pressure medium speed mill. Final feed grain size of Raymond mill can be 0.07 mm, vertical roller mill and high pressure mill can be 400mesh, and micro fine grinding mill can be 3000mesh.