Gypsum powder production process can be divided into direct calcination and indirect calcination. Direct calcination is using of boiling furnace gas as the medium for the heating of calcined gypsum, dust in flue gas has an effect on the quality of gypsum powder. But the investment is smaller, lower production costs. Indirect calcination is using of hot air as the medium for the heating of calcined gypsum. There is no negative impact on gypsum quality, but there is a larger investment, higher production costs.

Composition required in a natural gypsum powder production line

Finished product of gypsum powder production line - α/β-type building gypsum powder. Natural gypsum ore (CaSO4.2H2O), after crushing, grinding, boiling furnace calcination process, forms β-type water gypsum, mainly for gypsum products industry: gypsum board, gypsum block, plaster ceiling, plaster putty, medicine.  Crushing system: using the forklift or manual to transport natural gypsum block into the hammer crusher to be crushed into 30mm. Mill system: using the vibration feed mode, make gypsum block with diameter of less than 30mm into the milling equipment - Raymond Mill or vertical mill to be grinded into 0.02mm below. And it is fed into the intermediate bin by hoisting conveyor. Calcination system: process characteristics of vertical boiling furnace: 1.Simple structure, small footprint. 2.No running parts, low operating cost 3.Because the production process is thoroughly fluidized, the composition of the plaster is ideal, product quality has good stability.

Gypsum powder production process

Construction gypsum powder production line project(raw materials: natural gypsum ore, gypsum, gypsum) is divided into four steps:

(1) crushing process
(2) pre-grinding process
(3) calcination process
(4) storage transport process

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