What is phosphogypsum? Where to buy high-quality phosphogypsum production equipment grinding mill? CLIRIK supplies 80-2500 mesh phosphogypsum production equipment mill, using HGM grinding mill to produce and process 80-600 mesh phosphogypsum fine powder on a large scale, tailoring the price and selection plan of the grinding mill according to customer needs. , Scientific and reasonable, cost-effective, to help customers increase production and income in actual production projects.

1. What is phosphogypsum?

Phosphogypsum is a solid waste residue produced by the treatment of phosphate rock with sulfuric acid in the production of phosphoric acid. The main component is calcium sulfate CaSO4·2H2O, and the content can generally reach about 70 to 90%. The secondary components contained in it vary with the origin of the phosphate rock Different, generally contain phosphate and silicate of rock components Ca and Mg. Phosphogypsum is generally in powder form, and the appearance is generally gray-white, gray-yellow, light green and other colors. It also contains organic phosphorus and sulfur-fluorine compounds. The bulk density is 0.733-0.88g/cm3, and the particle diameter is generally 5-15um.

2. Comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum

China currently emits about 20 million tons of phosphogypsum annually, with a cumulative discharge of nearly 100 million tons. It is the largest type of gypsum waste residue. The discharged phosphogypsum residue takes up a lot of land, forming slag hills, seriously polluting the environment, and transforming industrial environmental protection. With the concept of sustainable economic development becoming more and more popular, the comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum has become an important measure to convert solid waste into economic benefits and reap considerable economic and environmental benefits.
Phosphogypsum can be used to make gypsum powder for construction, gypsum board, cement retarder, sulfuric acid, ammonium sulfate, paper filler, soil improver, etc. At present, China attaches great importance to the comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum, and actively develops and promotes advanced technologies for energy saving and emission reduction. The key directions are: energy-saving full-cycle urea production technology, ultra-low emission of fertilizer production wastewater and deep gas purification technology, harmless pretreatment of phosphogypsum and technology for production of new gypsum building materials, improved sulfuric acid technology for phosphogypsum, utilization of phosphogypsum He potash feldspar produces potassium silicon silicon calcium fertilizer technology, sulfuric acid low-level heat energy recovery technology, Mannheim method potassium sulfate plant upgrade technology, etc.
At present, my country and the phosphogypsum industry are working hard to improve the development and utilization of phosphogypsum. It is planned that by 2020, the comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum will increase from 30% to 50% of the current annual production, which shows that the prospect of comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum.

3. Grinding machine for phosphogypsum production equipment

Phosphogypsum production equipment is an important part of phosphogypsum production and processing line, which directly affects the production capacity, particle size and powdering efficiency of phosphogypsum, and its performance is deeply concerned by enterprises. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd launched the ideal HGM grinding mill for phosphogypsum material characteristics and industry status, dedicated to the production of phosphogypsum powder.

Phosphogypsum HGM grinding mill

Phosphogypsum HGM grinding mill


4. Phosphogypsum production equipment: HGM grinding mill advantages

HGM grinding mill is the preferred equipment carefully created by Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. It covers a number of patented technologies, high technology content, product performance reaches the forefront of the industry, equipped with advanced PLC electronic control system, high degree of automation, can Remote control improves the ease of operation and product quality control of the entire set of equipment, realizes the integration of grinding and conveying, the equipment structure is designed reasonably, the area is small, only 50% of the ball mill, the single machine capacity is large, the grinding efficiency is high, and the production energy consumption Low, is the ideal equipment favored by corporate customers, widely used in the field of phosphogypsum, lime powder, carbon.

5. Phosphogypsum production equipment: HGM grinding mill price and selection

In response to the production needs of different customers, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd arranges a professional scheme design team to tailor-made the price and configuration scheme of the exclusive grinding mill to meet the customer's established operation goals, while achieving environmental protection, low carbon, energy saving and emission reduction Production, reduce additional investment costs and production costs, and win greater project profits for the enterprise.
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd has carefully built the price and type selection plan of the phosphogypsum production equipment grinding mill. The product performance has been tested by the market, the price of the mill is reasonable and reasonable, the type selection plan is scientific and applicable, and the actual application has achieved significant results. Gain good reputation and credibility in the market, welcome customers with relevant investment intentions, call the hotline +86-13917147829.