According to the analysis of relevant experts, China has started very late in the treatment of sulfur dioxide, and it is still in the exploration stage. The flue gas desulfurization devices of some domestic power plants are mostly imported from Europe, the United States and Japan, or are experimental and equipment-treated. The amount of smoke is small and not mature. However, due to the research and exploration of desulfurization equipment and the strict requirements of national environmental protection by major enterprises in recent years, China has gradually developed desulfurization equipment suitable for its own country based on foreign technology.

The desulfurization of gypsum in power plant is to crush limestone. Its fineness has a major relationship with the absorption of sulfur dioxide. It will grind limestone with Clirik PC European coarse grinding mill machine, then add water to make slurry as absorbent pump. The absorption tower is fully contacted and mixed with the flue gas, and the sulfur dioxide in the flue gas and the calcium carbonate in the slurry are oxidized by the air blasted from the lower part of the tower to form calcium sulfate, and after the calcium sulfate reaches a certain saturation, the crystal forms dihydrate gypsum. The gypsum slurry discharged from the absorption tower is concentrated and dehydrated to have a water content of less than 10%, and then sent to a gypsum silo by a conveyor, and the flue gas after desulfurization is removed by a mist eliminator, and then heated by a heat exchanger. After warming up, it is discharged into the atmosphere by the chimney. Since the absorbent slurry in the absorption tower is repeatedly circulated and contacted with the flue gas through the circulation pump, the utilization rate of the absorbent is high, the calcium and sulfur are relatively low, and the desulfurization efficiency can be greater than 95%.

Gypsum desulfurization equipment includes European coarse grinding (limestone mill) absorption tower, conveyor, heat exchanger, etc. Among them, the fineness of limestone is closely related to the desulfurization effect, and the fineness of limestone is below 325 mesh. That is to say less than millimeters. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a series of milling machines to meet the different requirements of different desulfurization systems for limestone fineness. Among them, CM European version coarse grinding can be used to match limestone powder with vibrating screen according to customer needs. Fine material less than 1 mm; three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding can grind limestone to ≤5μm.

With the development of the economy and the improvement of low-carbon environmental awareness, China's air pollution control has gradually strengthened, and the control of sulfur dioxide emissions from coal-fired flue gas is becoming more and more strict. According to China's requirements for the control of sulfur dioxide emissions from power plant flue gas, new national power plants must meet the national standards for sulfur dioxide emissions when they are put into production. In 2016, all desulfurization projects for flue gas from old power plants will be completed. According to incomplete statistics, for a 600,000 kW power plant, the flue gas desulfurization unit produces 100,000 tons of desulfurized gypsum per year. If the desulfurization treatment is carried out according to the current capacity of all domestic power plants in China, 30 million tons of desulfurized gypsum will be produced each year. How to make rational use of desulfurization by-products, make them resources, and use them effectively will produce great economic and social benefits.

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