There is a rich resource of gypsum in China. Gypsum is a common building material, that is, building gypsum, also known as plaster. You can choose a gypsum powder making machine in these gypsum grinding equipment to process gypsum: YGM high pressure roller suspension Raymond mill, processing fineness is 15-425 mesh (fineness can be adjusted); medium speed HGM tricyclic superfine grinding machine, processing fineness is 300-3000 mesh (fineness can be adjusted); the European version of coarse grinding powder machining fineness of less than 3mm. We want to talk about the gypsum powder making machine is one of the representatives of HGM ultra-fine milling.

Gypsum powder making machine has lots of advantages: such as high yield and no pollution. It is an indispensable high quality grinder in modern mining industry.

The working properties of gypsum powder making machine as follows:

gypsum powder making machine

Bulk materials are crushed by the hoist into the storage bin, and then by the electromagnetic vibration feeder evenly into the host grinding chamber into the grinding chamber material is shovel shovel into between rollers and ring rolling rubbing broken, fan will blow the air blown into the grinding chamber, powder analysis machine, sorting, as the fineness of gypsum and into the gypsum powder making machine, qualified fine powder with the airflow into the finished cyclone powder collector, powder and air separation after discharged from the discharge port is finished, and the air from the upper air return pipe return fan, wind road cycle, and is in the state of negative pressure flow under the.

Because of the grinding material with certain moisture in gypsum powder making machine, will produce some heat to water evaporation, and the pipe flange connection seal is not strict to the outside air is sucked, the circulating air volume increased, in order to ensure the normal work of the mill in the state of negative pressure, gas flow rate increased by more than discharged into the trachea bag dust collector fan with the host, is back into the gas purification.