With the development of powder industry, people require powder with high purity, high fineness, and have more stringent requirements for powder packaging. After research, the domestic powder and ultra-fine powder packaging machine technology have  the following problems, at the same time, i offer solutions:

1. There is many dust in Powder packaging.
We can use lift bottom packing, which can reduce the drop and control dust. The speed is 200 packets / h.

ultra-fine powder packaging machine

2.Accuracy of powder packaging is poor, easy to be segregated.
We can use vertical screw filling and online weighing of gross weight. The accuracy can up to 0.1%

3.gas content of superfine powder is large , whose shape is like water.
We can use degassing screw device, or nanorod exhaust device. While feeding, do the degassing. It makes the material into blocks.
Especially for coal powder of 1000mesh or finer granularity, if you can not finish normal packing, or need Superfine Powder Packing Machine, please connect with us.