After being grinded through the gypsum grinding mill, the gypsum stone becomes gypsum powder, and the gypsum powder has been widely applied to the construction sector. In recent years, more and more customers come to our website consultation process gypsum. Yesterday, our customer had asked us one question, he said that they want to process 800 mesh gypsum powder, the production of about 25 t/h, but he did not know how to choose one suitable gypsum grinding mill?

As we all know, 800 mesh fineness powders is not very high in stone powder, a lot of grinding mill equipment can achieve this fineness. Combined with the user one hour 25 tons of production, we recommend for large gypsum grinding mill equipment, processing 800 mesh lime production can be achieved 18-25 t/h, to meet the user's production needs.There are many models gypsum powder mill can be processed 800 mesh, Shanghai Clirik grinding mills have various models can be processed 300 mesh to 3000 mesh gypsum powder, the specific configuration of what type of gypsum grinding mill, depending on the customer's production requirements, the series milling machine has four models to choose from, a single piece of equipment production from 3-50 tons per hour are available.

gypsum grinding mill

Our company specializes in the production of various types of mill equipment, processing ability, stable performance, the powder fineness can be adjusted freely, Shanghai Clirik mill plant manufacturers have equipment in stock, the user can take material to test processing, Clirik welcome all new and old customers to our gypsum grinding mill factory.

If you want to choose one suitable gypsum grinding mill in your industry, Clirik would be your best choice.