What Is Gypsum Powder Used For?

Desulphurization gypsum and natural gypsum are the raw materials of building gypsum production.Plaster is used to level the inner wall.High strength gypsum is used for building models, medical gypsum for medical models,

Gypsum powder can be divided into: phosphogypsum powder, desulphurization gypsum powder, citric acid gypsum powder and fluorogypsum powder.

Gypsum powder can be divided into: red gypsum powder, yellow gypsum powder, green gypsum powder, green gypsum powder, white gypsum powder, blue gypsum powder, colored gypsum powder, etc.

Gypsum powder can be divided into: dolomite gypsum powder, clay gypsum powder, chlorite gypsum powder, snowflake gypsum powder, talc gypsum powder, sand gypsum powder and fiber gypsum powder.

Gypsum powder can be divided into: gypsum powder for building materials, gypsum powder for chemical industry, gypsum powder for mould, gypsum powder for food and gypsum powder for casting.


Use of raw gypsum powder and gypsum plaster powder

1. Raw gypsum powder

Used as cement retarder and special cement raw material in cement production;Used in chemical industry to produce sulfuric acid, ammonium sulfate, etc.Used in agriculture to improve soil or as soil fertilizer;Industries such as paints, pigments, paper and textiles are used as coatings and fillers as well as fillers and insecticide carriers for daily chemical products such as toothpaste, cream and chalk.It is used in food industry to purify water of brewery, control the clarity of wine, or as coagulant of edible tofu and animal feed additive.The fine raw gypsum powder can be used to clear turbid sewage, refine crude oil, polish glass and some precious metals, decorations, etc.Natural pure anhydrite powder can also replace sodium sulfate as the glass industry flux.Raw gypsum is also known as condensate stone, (taiyin) gemstone and salt root in ancient Chinese books. It has been used as traditional Chinese medicine stone since ancient times and has effects such as relieving spleen and nourishing qi, quenching thirst and eliminating fire, and relieving hunger and sweating.

2. Gypsum powder/ plaster of paris

In the construction industry used for building wall stucco materials, plaster materials and used to make plaster precast, can be made into various specifications of gypsum boards, building partitions, ceilings and other gypsum precast pieces;In the ceramic industry for the production of various ceramic mold;Used in the foundry industry for making moulds;Used medically in the manufacture of dental molds or surgical fixation, etc.In the arts and crafts can be used as artistic statues.

The related equipment for gypsum powder processing