There are two types of anhydrous gypsum powder ultrafine grinding equipment, including ultrafine gypsum powder mill 2000 mesh CLUM ultrafine vertical mill and HGM ultrafine ring roller mill. HGM ultrafine ring roller mill can process anhydrous gypsum to a fineness between 45um-7um, and install a free adjustment system, using a secondary classification mechanism, high fineness index of anhydrous gypsum powder can reach 3um. The specific selection of the ultrafine grinding equipment for anhydrous gypsum powder depends on your processing needs and investment plan.
anhydrous gypsum powder ultrafine grinding equipment
Anhydrous gypsum powder ultrafine grinding equipment
1. Performance and application of anhydrous gypsum powder
The application range of natural anhydrous gypsum is as follows: ① Used as cement setting agent. Anhydrous gypsum is usually used as a setting agent, reinforcing agent or composite mineralizer for ordinary Portland cement. Like gypsum dihydrate, when S03 in cement is about 1.70%, S03 plays a retarding role; when S03 is 1.70% to 2.50%, more hydrated calcium vanadium is formed, which reduces the porosity and cement stone Increase in strength and density.
1. At present, more than 80% of anhydrous gypsum is used as a setting agent. Therefore, in the future, the cement industry will still be an important field for the application of anhydrous gypsum.
2. Production of potassium sulfate. 50% of potassium sulfate comes from minerals, and 37% is made from potassium chloride. In France, the production of potassium sulfate using natural anhydrous gypsum has reached industrial production. At present, in my country's agricultural production, crops such as tobacco, sugar beet, oranges and grapes, the main potassium fertilizer is potassium sulfate.
Natural anhydrous gypsum powder can be used as calcium and sulfur composite mineral fertilizer in edible fungus culture materials, and can also adjust the pH of the culture medium; natural anhydrous gypsum can also be used as a composite mineral additive in poultry and livestock feed.
3. Production of ultra-fine fillers. Because anhydrous gypsum does not contain crystalline water, the grinding energy consumption is low, and it can be used as a filler for plastics and rubber after processing. After modified by coupling agent, the ultrafine powder of anhydrous gypsum can enhance the mechanical strength of the polymer and improve the resistance. Thermal and dimensional stability.
Anhydrous gypsum has high whiteness, insoluble in water, non-toxic and other characteristics. It is very suitable for the paper industry as a filler. Adding 5% to 15% of anhydrous gypsum filler to the paper can effectively improve the opacity and whiteness of the paper. Improve the smoothness of the paper surface, and enhance the absorption of ink and resistance to moisture deformation.
4. Make plaster. The plastering gypsum itself has light weight, good insulation performance, and small shrinkage deformation. The large number of micropores generated during the hardening process can effectively adjust the indoor air humidity, and has good construction performance. Compared with traditional plastering materials, it has ease. Good, strong adhesion, good water retention, fast strength development, high strength and other advantages, the construction performance is also better than semi-water plastering plaster products.
5. Make calcium sulfate whiskers. Whisker refers to a fibrous single crystal with a fixed cross-sectional shape, a complete shape, a perfect internal structure, and an aspect ratio of up to 5 to 1000. Gypsum whiskers refer to fibrous single crystals of hemihydrate or anhydrous calcium sulfate. Whisker can be used as a reinforcing component in polymer-based composite materials, not only greatly improving the strength of the polymer, but also anhydrous calcium sulfate whisker as a reinforcing material, its obvious advantages are its high strength, fine diameter, easy to polymerize It is compound and has excellent processing performance. It is especially suitable for manufacturing products with complex shapes, high dimensional accuracy and smooth surfaces.
2. Anhydrous gypsum powder ultrafine grinding equipment Ultrafine gypsum powder grinding machine 2000 mesh mechanical selection scheme: HGM ultrafine ring roller grinding machine
HGM ultra-fine ring roller mill
HGM ultra-fine ring roller mill
Diameter of grinding disc: 800-1680mm
Into the grinding material moisture: ≤5%
Fineness of finished product: 7-45μm, fineness up to 3μm (with secondary grading system)
Production capacity: 0.5-40t/h
Application fields: Ultrafine gypsum powder mill 2000 mesh HGM ultrafine ring roller mill is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, coatings, plastics, rubber, pigments, non-metallic ores, industrial solid waste (slag), cement industry, etc. industry.
Product Features: Break through the bottleneck of ultra-fine powder processing capacity, and can replace imported equipment. It is an equipment for large-scale production of ultra-fine powder. It has the technical advantages of high powder selection efficiency, convenient maintenance, low operating costs, and low comprehensive investment costs.
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