Gypsum is a monoclinic mineral. The main component is calcium sulfate (CaSO4). Gypsum generally refers to two minerals, raw gypsum and anhydrite. Raw gypsum is also called dihydrate gypsum, anhydrite, or soft gypsum, usually in dense blocks Shape or fibrous, Mohs hardness is 2, anhydrite is anhydrous calcium sulfate, usually in the form of dense block or granular, white, off-white, glass luster, Mohs hardness is 3 to 3.5. 

Type selection scheme of gypsum milling machine

Product specifications Coarse powder processing (100 mesh-400 mesh) Fine powder deep processing (600 mesh-2000 mesh)
Equipment selection scheme Coarse hammer mill or Raymond mill Ring roller mill or Ultra-fine vertical mill

Gypsum Raymond mill powder making process

The first stage: the crushing of raw materials
The large gypsum material is crushed by the crusher to the feed fineness (15mm-50mm) that can enter the mill.
The second stage: milling
The broken small pieces of gypsum material are sent to the storage hopper through the elevator, and then sent to the grinding chamber of the mill for quantitative grinding through the feeder.
The third stage: classification
The ground material is classified by the classification system, and the unqualified powder is classified by the classifier and returned to the host machine for re-grinding.
Fourth stage: collection of finished products
The powders conforming to the fineness are separated into and collected in the dust collector through the pipeline through the airflow, and the collected finished powders are sent to the finished product silo by the conveying device through the discharge port, and then uniformly packed with powder tankers or automatic baler.

Technical parameters of gypsum Raymond mill

Roller Ring Feeding
Diameter(mm) Height
Inner Diameter
YGM7815 3 260 150 780 150 15 0.613-0.033 35.7 1--3 4300*3500*5100
YGM8314 3 270 140 830 140 20 0.613-0.033 48 1.2-4.6 5300*4100*5200
YGM9517 4 310 170 950 170 25 0.613-0.033 79.5 2.1-5.6 7100*5900*7900
YGM4121 5 410 210 1280 210 30 0.613-0.033 157.5 2.8-10.5 9200*7250*9700
MTM1600 6 440 270 1600 270 35 0.613-0.033 275 5--20 12550*5700*8350
Note: This specification is just referencing, any changes are subject to the products.