In recent years, the use of desulfurized gypsum powder has continued to expand, and its economic value has increased rapidly, attracting more investment attention from users. So what equipment is used to process 10 tons of desulfurized gypsum powder per hour? The market shows that the desulfurized gypsum grinding mill produced by Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. will be an ideal choice for users, with good quality, good performance, low price and good service. The following is a detailed introduction.
desulfurized gypsum grinding mill
10 tons/hour desulfurized gypsum powder processing equipment-desulfurized gypsum grinding mill
1. Good quality
When Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. produces desulfurized gypsum ultra-fine mills, it continuously absorbs innovative technologies from Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries, and always maintains the technical priority of technicians. At the same time, it uses domestic durable raw materials to build it. The aspect is very serious and responsible, and it has truly achieved high-quality equipment production. Its life span is at least 3-5 times longer than that of other mills, and the equipment runs smoothly and reliably, and the failure rate is reduced by at least 60%.
gypsum grinding mill
2. Good performance
(1) Small size, strong system, small footprint, low investment, and all links from raw material entering the mill to production processing, discharge packaging, etc. can form an independent production system;
(2) Good safety performance, designed with explosion-proof and dust-proof devices to avoid accidental explosions and reduce dust pollution to the environmental protection range;
(3) Automatic computer control, no workshop personnel, quick installation and easy operation;
(4) High efficiency, large output, sieving rate ≥99.99%, fine powder after grinding with good quality and high economic value;
(5) Energy-saving, power-saving, stable, low failure, convenient maintenance, and annual operating expenses reduced by at least 30,000 yuan.
10 tons/hour desulfurized gypsum powder processing equipment-desulfurized gypsum ultrafine mill
3. Low price
The price of the desulfurization gypsum ultra-fine mill designed by Clirik is very favorable. In comparison, it is found that our company will discount about 3%-7% in price for equipment of the same quality and specifications. Therefore, it is deeply trusted by users and has attracted many The eyes of domestic and foreign users are high-quality equipment with higher cost-effective advantages in the industry.
4. Excellent service
Manufacturers can fully start from the customer’s point of view, establish a complete and comprehensive after-sales service, and take a serious attitude of being responsible for each user, from pre-purchase guidance, parameter introduction, to sales contract signing, equipment site visits, test machines, and then The company will be responsible for all services including free on-site installation, repair and maintenance in the later period.
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. produces various types of milling equipment, and can also build an exclusive entire milling production line for customers according to customer needs, including the purchase plan of the early stage, and the later installation and commissioning, acceptance and commissioning, etc. , We have enough experience to meet your needs, welcome to contact us 008613917147829.