Desulfurization gypsum, also known as sulphur gypsum, is similar to natural gypsum. It is an industrial by-product gypsum of FGD process. After being processed into powder, it is widely used in the field of building materials. It can replace mineral gypsum, which not only realizes the recycling of the substance, but also promotes it. The development of environmental protection economy, while also rationally controlling and reducing the amount of mining gypsum, has an important contribution to the protection of natural resources. So what equipment is used to process the desulfurized gypsum block into powder? The first and foremost must be the Raymond mill. Its advantages are as follows:

600 mesh desulfurized gypsum powder grinding mill


Clirik Raymond mill quality

Clirik Raymond mill is made of excellent raw materials. We are dedicated and responsible for every manufacturing process, ensuring that the quality of the equipment is more stable and reliable, and the service life is at least 3-5 times longer than conventional mills. At the same time, the failure rate has also dropped to a low level, and the annual operating and maintenance costs saved amount to 20,000-30,000 yuan.

Clirik Raymond Mill has good performance

The Clirik Raymond Mill is designed with European innovative technology and incorporates years of experience to make its performance superior.

1. The desulfurized gypsum powder after milling has high purity, less impurities, adjustable fineness and uniform texture, which is sufficient to meet the production needs of various application fields, and the industrial value and market situation are more considerable;
2. Grinding rolls, grinding rings and other components are carefully constructed, not only more durable, and the grinding strength is higher, the production efficiency is more than 2 times higher than other mills, and the production capacity is improved year-on-year;
3. The use of high safety factor, equipped with explosion-proof equipment and automatic fault detection system to avoid accidental explosions, and timely detection of faults, and make adjustments too early;
4. The internal design of the main unit adopts a sealed design to reduce the internal fine powder flying out and avoid pollution. At the same time, a silencer is designed to control the running noise within a reasonable range.

Clirik Raymond Mill Service Excellence

Our company has established a perfect system and insists on providing the most intimate and satisfying full service for every customer. Before the sale, Clirik will cooperate with customers to select the equipment and give comprehensive technical guidance. During the sale, the customer will be free to visit the equipment test machine and the user site, and sign a unified purchase contract. After the sale, the equipment will be transported free of charge. , installation, commissioning, repair, maintenance, and personally teach the equipment operating procedures, maintenance points and other content on the spot. 

Clirik Raymond mill has good price

The reason why the Raymond mill produced by our company is favored by the desulfurization gypsum processing plant is that there is an important reason for the price value, which is more than 7% cheaper than other quality and equipment of the same type, and the price tends to be higher. In the transparency, there will never be a phenomenon of deceiving customers, it is truly affordable, and is recognized and supported by the majority of users! Detailed equipment quotation can be found by clicking " Online Consultation " on the right .

In addition, the processing of desulfurization gypsum block will also use the jaw crusher , ( impact crusher ), electromagnetic vibrating feeder, bucket elevator, classifier and other equipment. These equipments are all available in our company. At that time, professional technical engineers will design a scientific powder production line for you, and configure a complete set of equipment to ensure that you will achieve satisfaction and achieve greater profit.

In general, the Raymond mill designed by our company has good quality, good performance, excellent service and low price. The after-sales is more perfect and thoughtful. It has a good grinding effect on the desulfurized gypsum block.  Welcome to call us or visit our factory to visit and purchase!