As you have known that the gypsum powder is the finished product of gypsum grinding mill. However, the different fineness gypsum powder can be used in different areas. There are the different division of labor in the different fineness, the specific fineness and use are as follows:

gypsum grinding mill

1. less than 250 mesh: the gypsum powder can be used for a variety of feed additives.

2. 250 mesh to 300 mesh: It can be used as raw materials for plastic, rubber factory, paint factory, the factory's and exterior paint coating.

3. 300 mesh to 400 mesh: the gypsum powder can be used in the manufacture, drainage pipes, and chemicals.

4. 400 mesh to 600 mesh: can be used for toothpaste paste, soap. It is worth to say that, if the gypsum powder is used in daily supplies, the health requirements for the gypsum grinding mill are more stringent.

5. 600 mesh to 800 mesh gypsum powder:It can be used for Rubber, plastic, cable, PVC.

6. 800 mesh to 1250 mesh: the gypsum powder can be used in PVC, PE, paint, paint, paper coating, and paper coating.

7.gypsum powder which have high purity and whiteness, non-toxic, odorless, fine oil low, low hardness and other characteristics, it can be used as calcium supplements.

Now, you have known the different gypsum powder use range. However, do you know how to get gypsum powder with different fineness? Our Shanghai Clirik gypsum grinding mill will help you, the finish powder fineness made by our gypsum grinding mill can be adjusted between 300 mesh to 3000 mesh. No matter what fineness gypsum powder you want, our gypsum grinding mill will meet your demand. Thanks for your reading.