ultrafine grinding mill for gypsum powder manufacturers
The ultrafine grinding mill is the ideal equipment for non-metal scale milling. For gypsum powder manufacturers, the application of ultrafine grinding mill is very important, and it is an ideal equipment to improve gypsum milling efficiency and finished product quality. Shanghai Clirik is a professional manufacturer of grinding equipment. The gypsum ultrafine grinding mill is a sophisticated grinding machine with scientific working principle and tailor-made selection scheme. The price of the gypsum ultrafine grinding mill is even more expensive. Science, welcome to call us to learn more about our mills.

With the continuous development of the economy, the gypsum manufacturing industry is also more and more developed. China is a big country in the production of gypsum powder. Every year, a large amount of industrial gypsum powder is produced. Therefore, the market demand for processing gypsum powder equipment is very huge, and the gypsum powder is used according to the purpose. It can be divided into: gypsum powder for building materials, gypsum powder for chemical industry, gypsum powder for mold, gypsum powder for food, and gypsum powder for casting. The use of gypsum powder is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining, highway construction, water conservancy and hydropower industries, among which the use of gypsum powder in building materials construction is more huge, as an excellent equipment for gypsum powder preparation, vertical The mill is naturally loved by the industry and is a new type of mill for large-scale milling. Shanghai Clirik has been focusing on the gypsum milling industry, equipped with advanced gypsum ultrafine grinding mills to improve processing efficiency and improve finished product quality, thereby gaining greater market value.

As an ideal mill, the ultrafine grinding mill integrates drying, grinding, grading and conveying. It has high grinding efficiency and low energy consumption. Compared with the ball mill, the energy consumption is 40%-50% lower, and the automation is high. The whole system has small vibration, low noise and long service life. More importantly, Clirik provides exclusive grinding equipment production line solutions, tailor-made solutions, and scientifically set the corresponding ultrafine grinding mill market price for the development of the industry. Make greater efforts.

So, what is the process flow of the gypsum ultrafine grinding mill?
After crushed by hammer crusher, the large materials become small ones and are sent to storage hopper by elevator, and then evenly sent to the upper distribution plate of the turn plate by vibrating feeder and sloping feeding pipe.

When the grinding mill is at work, the main bearing and each dial are driven by electromotor of main equipment through reducer, and all the grinding rollers are rolling in the ring channels driving by dial through plunger. The materials are driven to the edge of the turn plate by the centrifugal force and fall down into the grinding chambers where the materials are repeatedly pressed, crushed and grinded by the rollers. Then the materials fall into multiple layers and to be crushed and ground continuously to micro powder.

The high-pressure air blower constantly inhales air within the grinding mill and, in turn,  the airflow with crushed materials are brought to the classifier whose high-speed impeller will screen the airflow: the unqualified particle size will fall and return to the mill for being reground while the qualified particle size mixed with air will go into the cyclone powder collector. Most of the qualified powders will fall and exit from the discharging valve at the bottom; a small proportion of the fine powders, with airflow, moves to the dust cleaner, and clings to the surface of the filter bags. At the same time, the fine powders clinging to the surface fall down by the sudden vibration of the filter bags, which is caused by the instantly ejected high-pressure gas controlled by the pulse valve. The materials from the above two lots are sent by the conveyor at the bottom to get finished powders packed. In addition, filtered clean air will be emitted from the air outlet of muffler in the end.

Shanghai Clirik HGM Ultrafine Grinding Mill for Gypsum Powder Manufacturers

〖Ingredient material particles〗: 0-20mm

〖Ring diameter〗: 800-1680mm

〖Ingredient material moisture〗: <15%

〖Product moisture〗: ≤1-6%

Production capacity: 0.5-45t/h

〖Pulverization field〗: For non-metallic mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 6 and humidity below 6%, the mill is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, cement, chemical, rubber, paint, ink and food. , pharmaceutical and other production areas.

〖Performance characteristics〗: It integrates drying, grinding, grading and conveying. It has high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, large material size, easy adjustment of product fineness, simple equipment process, small floor space and low noise. It has the characteristics of small dust, easy to use and maintain, low operating cost and low consumption of wear-resistant materials.