As a fine powder equipment, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd can provide energy-saving and ultra-fine mill equipment to meet the production needs of the industry. At present, the ultra-fine mill is used in the field of gypsum powder to improve efficiency and is an excellent grinding device. CLIRIK specializes in customer needs and offers tailor-made services to fully escort every powder customer's grinding project.
HGM ultrafine mill for gypsum grinding

1. Grinding gypsum powder, grinding fine powder with ultrafine mill

As a fine grinding equipment, the ultra-fine grinding machine has comprehensive mechanical pulverizing properties such as rolling, grinding and impact. It has many advantages such as small floor space, strong set, wide application, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable performance and high cost performance. It is an economical and practical ultra-fine powder processing equipment. It can deep-process various non-metallic minerals with a Mohs hardness of 7 or less and a humidity of 6%. The fineness of the product can be adjusted between 325 mesh and 2500 mesh.
CLIRIK's HGM ultra-fine mill equipment system mainly consists of main engine, feeder, classifier, blower, pipeline device, storage hopper, electronic control system, collection system, etc. After years of development, Hongcheng not only provides high quality grinding machine. Equipment, but also provides a complete set of configuration options, with a professional attitude to bring value and benefit to each grinding project.
{grinder weight}: 18-70t
{Finished product}: 0.5-45t/h
{Product fineness}: 0.04-0.005mm
{Application range}: The mill can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical rubber, paint, plastics, pigments, inks, building materials, medicine, food and other deep processing fields. The grinding effect is remarkable, and it is an ideal equipment for deep processing of non-metallic minerals.
{Application materials}: For non-metallic minerals such as calcium carbonate, barite, calcite, gypsum, dolomite, and potassium feldspar, ultra-fine grinding can be carried out, and the fineness adjustment of the product is convenient and the operation is simple.
{grinding characteristics}: The mill is widely used, simple in operation, convenient in maintenance, stable in performance, high in environmental protection, and cost-effective. It is an ideal equipment for ultra-fine grinding and processing in the field of milling.

2. How much is the gypsum ultrafine mill?

For the customization of the price of the mill, it involves the customer's grinding requirements, the information such as the fineness of the powder, the capacity, the production area and the like required for each project. The matching configuration scheme is also different, so the milling The price of the machine is also different. As a manufacturer, CLIRIK provides customers with a complete pre-sales, sales and after-sales service. We are committed to customizing our exclusive selection solutions, providing reasonable mill prices, realizing potential and creating greater value.

Customers who wish to grind gypsum powder are welcome to call the CLIRIK Ultrafine Mill Hotline. Hotline: 008613917147829
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