The development speed of the “high-speed road” above the mining industry has successfully entered the important part of China’s national economy. Continuous penetration in various industries, development and growth, the rapid development of ore equipment has become a powerful motor on the road ahead. The application of mechanical equipment has never changed. In the case of the gypsum Raymond grinding mill, there are naturally many theorems in the rules of use, the main reason being the skill of the operating technician.

Gypsum Raymond grinding Mill is not only for the processing of gypsum ore resources, but also for grinding quartz, feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, fluorite, rare earth, marble, purple sandstone, green shale, sedimentary rock, basaltic Stone, gypsum, graphite, silicon carbide and other non-flammable and explosive mineral products with Mohs hardness below 6 and humidity of 6% are also well-known. Therefore, we must first understand the types and characteristics of materials that can be processed using the gypsum Raymond mill.

In addition, the gypsum Raymond grinding mill equipment consists of a main machine, a reducer, an analysis machine, a pipeline device, a blower, a dust collector, and a jaw crusher. When the material to be ground enters the grinding chamber, it is shoveled by the blade and sent to the grinding roller and the grinding ring for rolling. The powder after rolling is brought into the analysis machine along with the circulating air of the blower, and the qualified fine powder is introduced into the cyclone with the airflow. The powder is the finished product, and the large particles are behind the re-grinding. The circulating air is returned to the blower and the above process is repeated, and the residual air is purified by the bag filter. This is the composition and processing flow of the gypsum Raymond mill.

The gypsum Raymond mill has a wide range of particle sizes, with a coarse particle size of 0.613 mm (30 mesh) and a particle size of generally 0.033 mm (425 mesh). A small amount of material can reach 0.013 mm (1000 mesh). The excellent fineness of the equipment can be used to modulate the fineness of the finished product.

All of the above are the theorems in the use of the gypsum Raymond mill, unless the equipment will be correspondingly faulty or minor problems will affect. The main thing is to see if the application and maintenance work of the equipment is in place later.
gypsum Raymond grinding mill