The gypsum powder is mainly be divided into coarse gypsum powder and micro gypsum powder. The coarse gypsum powder is mainly used in building materials, decoration, paint, chalk manufacture; and the micro gypsum powder also be used in textile, fine materials, and even the manufacture of food and medicine industries. However, we can get coarse and micro gypsum powder by using different gypsum grinding mills.

Coarse Gypsum Powder Making

Gypsum hammer mill is one of the common grinding mills which is usually be used in coarse gypsum powder grinding, it’s also be called gypsum hammer crusher, gypsum coarse powder grinding mill and so on. The most prominent advantages of coarse gypsum hammer mill is output, generally speaking, the output of gypsum hammer mill can up to 100 tons per hour and even more.

gypsum powder grinding machine

Micro Gypsum Powder Making

There are lots of names about micro gypsum powder making machine, such as: micro powder grinding mill, ultra fine mill, superfine powder grinding mill and so on. The minimum finish powder fineness made by micro powder grinding mill can up to 3000 mesh. And according to your different demand, the finish powder could be adjusted.

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