Lately one of customers had inquiry about the gypsum grinding mill. He can not figure out why the output of his old machine has declined when processing powder and he wonder what elements has influenced that. Now let me introduce to you the main factors that influence your gypsum grinding mill output.

gypsum grinding mill

1. Spare parts breakdown
Breakdown on any part will exert a serious impact on the ultimate output. In view of this, fan, grinding roller and other important parts should be tested regularly to find out the problems and resolve timely in order to guarantee the normal and stable running of gypsum grinding mill.

2. Over much or insufficient raw materials
The feeding speed of gypsum grinding mill can not be too fast or too slow, over much materials will exert an impact on the performance of equipment at the same time insufficient materials will cause mill idling, which will seriously affecting the production capacity.

3. Equipment serious wear
gypsum grinding mill attains the grinding process principally replying on grinding rollers and rings. Serious damage will not grind raw materials into user's desired fineness, and will continue to cycle in the mill, thus will cause great output decline.

4. The raw materials with high content moisture
Large material moisture is the main cause to the decrease of stone powder production, which not only aggregates the difficulty of milling, but also makes the materials easier stuck the powder channel. This will lead to unstable operation of gypsum grinding mill and result in a decline in production capacity.