The gypsum grinding mill-Raymond mill accessories produced by Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd are made of high-quality materials, with high work efficiency and long service life. The main parts of gypsum grinding mill are plum frame, grinding ring, grinding roller, air duct and shovel.

gypsum grinding mill-raymond mill

Gypsum grinding mill -Raymond mill

Product properties 

Feed size: ≤30mm
Output particle size: 30-325 mesh (0.033-0.613mm)
Production capacity: 1-176t / h
Applicable materials: stone, slag, bentonite, kaolin, potassium feldspar, limestone, barite, petroleum coke, ceramics, carbon black, bentonite, talc, mica, magnesite, illite, etc.

Gypsum grinding mill-Raymond mill accessories

gypsum grinding mill-Raymond mill accessories

Gypsum grinding mill grinding roller:

Grinding roller is one of the important parts of Raymond mill, which belongs to easy-wearing parts. In general, Raymond mills need to be changed after a period of use. This is determined according to the customer's raw materials, the frequency of use, and whether the operation is performed. If the quality of the grinding roller is not too hard under the same operating conditions, excessive wear will occur and the service life will be greatly reduced.

Gypsum grinding mill plum frame:

The plum frame is an important support for the entire Raymond mill milling system. The entire mill oil mill roller assembly, including high-pressure springs, are all mounted on the plum frame through the cross arm. When the mill is running, the plum frame is driven by the main shaft, and then the rollers and the rings are rotated and rolled.

Gypsum grinding mill grinding rings:

Grinding rings are accessories that come into direct contact with the material. Raymond mill grinding rings generally use two materials, 65Mn (65 manganese) and Mn13 (13 manganese). After using the material of 65Mn (65 manganese) as the grinding ring, its durability has been significantly improved. It is characterized by high hardness, good abrasion resistance and magnetic properties. After the grinding ring is made of Mn13, its durability has also improved. After casting, this product is water-toughened. After the water-toughening treatment, the casting has high tensile strength, toughness, plasticity and non-magnetic. Makes the grinding ring more durable.

Gypsum grinding mill air duct:

The design process of Raymond mill air duct system is simple and reliable. The air duct and air duct on the air duct are cast. Once damaged, there is no way to replace the air duct. The function of the air duct is important after all, only guarantee The smooth air flow does not block the air duct opening, so as to extend the life of the air duct. The curved design on the air duct currently produced can not only ensure the smooth air flow in the air duct, but also effectively disperse the material at the air outlet, and at the same time avoid the occurrence of blockage, which improves the fan utilization rate.

Gypsum grinding mill blade:

The structure of the blade of the Raymond mill is determined by different sizes of Raymond mills. Generally, the blade of the Raymond mill is connected to the blade cylinder. They are all welded to one piece, and the blades of the large-scale Raymond mill are all separate. The connection to the blade cylinder is connected by screws, which is more convenient when replacing. Replace it with the bucket.