gypsum powder production line
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Company has launched a number of sets of gypsum grinding production lines. In order to meet the different requirements of different manufacturers.
  • Gypsum 

Gypsum is a monoclinic mineral with a major chemical composition of calcium sulphate (CaSO4) hydrate. Gypsum has many uses and is used in construction, medicine, paper, paint, and chemicals.
Natural gypsum mine is a sweat gypsum mine, generally calcium sulfate dihydrate, commonly known as raw gypsum. After calcination, β-type hemihydrate gypsum (2CaSO4·H2O) is obtained, which is a plaster of Paris.
Gypsum is widely used in building materials, and can be used for cement, paper gypsum board, powder wall putty powder, partition wall, ceiling and so on.
Gypsum is used in building materials through a process of crushing and grinding.
Both raw gypsum and plaster can be crushed, but the efficiency of gypsum grinding is higher because the calcined gypsum structure is loose. The natural gypsum mine is crushed by a coarse crusher and then fired into the kiln. Then we will see the white block mineral, namely the plaster. At this time, it is suitable if it is processed into a fine powder by a complete grinding system.
  • 50-3000 mesh gypsum powder production lines

In order to meet the different requirements of different manufacturers, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Company has launched a number of sets of gypsum grinding production lines:
gypsum grinding mills

1. 0-150 mesh equipped with jaw crusher and European version of coarse powder grinding machine, this mode can greatly reduce production costs, is very low in wearing parts and energy consumption, as a coarse powder processing technology, It can reach 15 tons of production in one hour.
2. 150-425 mesh equipped with crusher (hammer crusher) and high pressure Raymond grinding mill, this grinding system is relatively more mature. Our YGM series high pressure mills are available in six models, YGM7815, YGM8314, YGM9517, YGM4121, MTM1600, and MTM1750, with capacities ranging from 1-25 tons. Compared with other manufacturers' same type of milling system, Jianye high-pressure mill has high cost performance, low energy consumption and more stable mill performance.
3. 325-2500 mesh fine powder preparation. With the development of the social industry, the demand for ultrafine powder is increasing, and the ultrafine gypsum powder has a good application prospect. Ultra-fine grinding system came into being. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd's flagship product HGM three-ring micro powder grinding mill is a professional grinding equipment for 325-2500 mesh fine powder. It uses a number of loops and multiple grinding rolls to achieve the target fineness.

For some areas where the sphericity and ultrafine powder content are more demanding, we have introduced the CLUM system vertical superfine mill, CLUM ultrafine vertical mill D97<4μm (fine powder with fineness less than 4 microns in the finished powder accounted for 97%) , D50 < 2 μm (50% of the powder in the finished powder having a fineness of less than 2 μm).

Shanghai Clirik Machinery Company is a professional mill manufacturer, and we have been working on fine powder for more than 10 years. We study the grinding of hundreds of ore and mineral materials. Gypsum is one of the materials we focus on and one of our targeted materials. We have a lot of customer sites and can receive your visits and research at any time!