Gypsum micro powder grinder mill is mainly used for crushing equipment of mineral materials such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and so on. The crushing range is: quartz, feldspar, porcelain clay, clay, bentonite, calcite, talc, barite, fluorite, clay, white mud, gypsum, etc. Burning explosive mineral materials. Gypsum micro powder grinder mill particle size range of 325 mesh-2500 mesh (adjusted according to different requirements)
gypsum micro powder grinder mill
Gypsum micro powder grinder mill 
Next, the micro powder grinder mill manufacturers will tell the majority of users-common problems and treatments when the gypsum micro powder grinder mill is out of powder.

● No powder or less powder, low output

(1) The powder lock is not adjusted properly, the seal is not tight, and the suction is reversed;
(2) The shovel blade is too worn and cannot shovel material.
(3) Powder outlet valve malfunctions
(4) Severe air leakage in the pipeline
(5) The installation of the piping system is too long and too high, there are too many elbows or the angle at the elbows is too small
Method of exclusion:
(1) Check and adjust the powder lock of the micro powder grinder mill, and seal it well to block the air leaks;
(2) Replace with a new blade.
(3) Adjust the pipeline
(4) Replace the powder valve

● The powder is too thick or too fine

(1) The blades of the analyzer of the micro powder grinder mill are severely worn and cannot perform the classification.
(2) The air volume of the fan of the micro powder grinder mill is not appropriate; the speed of the analysis machine is not adjusted properly;
(3) Improper air volume control.
Method of exclusion:
(1) Adjust the speed and air volume of the analyzer.

● Powder is sprayed from the inlet to block the air duct

(1) The seal is not tight; the powder lock is not tightly sealed, causing reverse suction;
(2) Improper adjustment of air volume; uneven feeding.
Method of exclusion:
(1) Strict sealing with reference to installation requirements
(2) Check the powder lock, do not allow the phenomenon of reverse suction
(3) It is generally advisable to open the large air door to 3/4, and it is advisable to open the air door without spraying powder, but it is not necessary
(4) Look at the ammeter blanking. When there is no ammeter device, only the sound will be blanked.