Users of gypsum mills know that a complete grinding production line, in addition to the gypsum mill main engine, also includes crushers, hoists, storage bins, feeders, frequency classifiers, dust collectors, pulse dedusting systems. , high pressure fans, air compressors, electrical control systems, etc. In addition to these spare parts, the gypsum mill has other accessories that are worthy of attention, such as electric cabinets on the gypsum mill, ammeters, etc. Here is a detailed introduction to the gypsum mills that are not easy to be valued.
gypsum mill gypsum powder production line

Electric cabinet

The electric cabinet is the main supporting equipment of the main machine of the gypsum mill. The role of the electric cabinet in the production of the gypsum mill is to facilitate our management and operation. The use of the electric cabinet can not only make the operation of the gypsum mill more convenient and guarantee. Our safe production is also essential for a complete gypsum mill and for mass production. Therefore, no matter which type of gypsum mill, users must have a newer and deeper understanding of the role of the electric cabinet, with a complete gypsum mill production line, it is more conducive to the operation and production of gypsum mill.


The ammeter plays a key role in the use of the gypsum mill. Whether the gypsum mill is operating normally and whether the operating conditions change, it will be reflected in the current change to a certain extent. The gypsum mill operates normally, the operating conditions are constant, and the operating current is generally kept within the rated range. When the gypsum mill is inadvertently caused by the increase in the amount of ore, the phenomenon of "bloat" is caused. At this time, in addition to the abnormal sound, the current meter will observe the current drop. This shows that the steel ball and ore in the gypsum mill have not been subjected to impact and abrasion, but rotate together with the cylinder. At this time, the motor works little, so the motor can not reach the rated current. If the transmission part is abnormal, if there is any other place or the screw of the joint is loose, the current will rise periodically and the swing will be severe. Therefore, by observing the current change of the ammeter, it is possible to find some abnormal phenomena in the equipment and production conditions, and the gypsum mill operator must always pay attention to observe the current change during the production process.
The gypsum mill can work smoothly, and the perfect cooperation of each spare part is very important, and this requires the users to have a certain understanding of the gypsum mill when using it, master the method of its creation, and solve the problem in time. Guarantee the normal operation of the gypsum mill, so that its output and quality are not a problem.
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