Gypsum can be said to be more common in people's production and life, and it is also a widely used ore. In the process of processing gypsum, a gypsum mill is essential, and it is also an ideal equipment to promote gypsum to create greater market value. For investors, the price of the pulverizer is very concerned. A rational gypsum pulverizer with high cost performance is the key to enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise and achieving greater market value. Then, a set of ideal What is the price of gypsum mill?

The use value of gypsum

Gypsum has many classifications, such as desulfurized gypsum, phosphogypsum, talc gypsum, etc. What kind of application value do they have?
1. Architectural gypsum: It is mostly used for building mold ash, stucco, masonry mortar and various gypsum products.
2. Model gypsum: Less impurities, white color, mainly used for ceramics cultivation process, a small amount is used for decorative relief.
3. High-strength gypsum: It is mainly used for high-demand ash engineering, decorative products and gypsum board. In addition, it can also be made into high-strength water-repellent gypsum by adding water-repellent agent; it can also be formulated into a non-shrinking binder by adding organic materials such as polyvinyl alcohol aqueous solution and polyvinyl acetate emulsion.
4. Whitewashed gypsum: a cementing material for ashing made with appropriate amount of retarder, water retention agent and other chemical additives.
5. The main purpose of paper-faced gypsum board Light semi-hydrated gypsum and tissue paper are used as the main raw materials, mixed with appropriate amount of fiber, adhesive, accelerator, slurry preparation, forming, cutting, drying.

Gypsum mill price

In terms of product price, it is also determined by referring to the specific processing needs of the customer. The customer can give details of the fineness, output, area and other requirements of the material to be ground by docking with our company's program staff. CLIRIK professional selection team A complete set of professional flour milling selection scheme can be tailored according to your milling needs, and the corresponding product quotation can be given according to the scheme. At the same time, our company has also established a professional trial grinding test center, customers can first trial grinding and then purchase, and then formulate a more cost-effective product selection program, so as to get the product quotation.

The advantages of gypsum micro-powder grinding

The equipment has a complete system, including crushing, conveying, powdering to finished product collection, storage, and packaging. At the same time, it also covers a number of invention patents, such as vertical swing structure, maintenance-free grinding roller assembly, ultra-fine Several exclusive patents such as classifier, high-efficiency and energy-saving dust removal system, and easy-to-maintain transmission system effectively improve the operating efficiency of the entire equipment. It is a new type of pendulum mill with stable operation and stable performance.
Gypsum micro powder grinding mill
CLIRIK gypsum mill-HGM series micro powder mill
Grinding ring diameter: 800-1680mm
Production capacity: 0.5-45t / h
Finished particles: 0.005-0.074mm
Product features: This mill is a new type of milling equipment that has undergone technological innovation on the basis of the pendulum mill. It greatly improves the user's equipment efficiency and reduces the energy consumption per unit of production in terms of production capacity and unit energy consumption. The field of non-metallic mineral processing is second to none.
Focus area: focus on non-coal gangue, wollastonite, lime, zircon sand, bentonite, manganese ore, gypsum, calcite, barite, fluorite, marble and other non-Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity within 6% Grinding and processing of metal minerals, the product has a number of national patented technologies, and its performance reaches the national leading level.
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