gypsum powder prodution line
What’s the cost if you are decided to invest one set gypsum powder production line? As we all know, the whole set gypsum powder production line including hammer crusher, bucket elevator, hopper, screw feeder, gypsum grinding mill, powder collector and other supporting facilities. Do you know what’s the price of them? I will tell you later.

Hammer Crusher: because the larger size stone materials can be putted into the powder grinding mill immediately, so we need break the large size stone lumps into small size. In general, the price of hammer crusher in the gypsum powder production line is about 2000 dollars to 5000 dollars.

Bucket Elevator: the use of bucket elevator in the gypsum powder production line is send the small stone materials into the hopper, it’s not very expensive, the price of bucket elevator no more than 1000 dollars, but the larger size of bucket elevator will coat more.

Just like the bucket elevator, the hopper, screw feeder, powder collector and other supporting facilities is not too expensive. The single price of them are cheaper than hammer crusher, but according to your different choose, there will have some of them will be used several times.

Gypsum Grinding Mill: the gypsum grinding mill is the most important machine in the whole set gypsum powder production line. Do you know, what’s the price of it? According to your different demand of capacity, the price range of gypsum grinding mill is between $30000 to $80000.

So what’s the price of your gypsum powder production line? Maybe you can leave your plan on our website, our sales manager and technical engineer will quote you according to your actual situation. We are willing to help you to start your first gypsum powder making business.