In order to ensure the quality and quantity of gypsum powder in production, many companies have chosen a gypsum powder processing plant that can be automated and automated. From different application fields of gypsum powder, the gypsum powder production line is mainly divided into an architectural gypsum powder processing plant and a desulfurization gypsum powder processing plant.
Gypsum powder processing plant

Building gypsum powder processing plant (natural plaster):

This kind of gypsum powder processing plant adopts domestic mature process equipment, such as vertical mill, boiling furnace and so on. The boiling furnace is a widely used equipment in the construction of gypsum calcining equipment in China.
Simple structure, small size, large production capacity, compact structure, not easy to damage, small footprint, low consumption and convenient operation
This type of gypsum powder processing plant not only responds to the rational use of energy conservation advocated by the state, but also facilitates automatic control. The advantages of good quality products, stable physical properties and low operating costs have become the choice of investment choices for customers. At present, our company can design and produce dozens of specifications of production lines, and can customize the production lines of different production processes according to different needs of users.

Desulfurization gypsum production line (for power plant):

At present, the desulfurization process with very mature technology in the world is lime, limestone-gypsum method. In order to improve the flue gas desulfurization efficiency, the limestone powder, calcium oxide content and fineness for desulfurization are required in the desulfurization process technology. The vertical roller mill introduced by Dawn Heavy Industry Technology is especially suitable for large-scale crushing and grinding of limestone and white ash in the desulfurization gypsum production line, and has strict requirements for the quality of finished products in this process. Due to its special use performance, this process line is widely used in the desulfurization and milling process of steel plant and thermal power plant gypsum production line. It is easy to use and maintain, and the effect is remarkable.

Gypsum production line application field

Gypsum powder has been used for a long time. In the early days, it was simply used to make chalk, putty, tofu and simple handicrafts. It has been widely used in many fields, in construction and building materials.
  • Gypsum production line in the concrete field
  • Gypsum production line promotes leap-forward development of mold industry
  • The gypsum production line is in line with market demand.
  • Construction: Gypsum production line Weizhen Cement Industry
  • Building materials: gypsum production line to help gypsum board quality upgrade gypsum powder production line

Gypsum powder production process

gypsum powder processing plant flow chart
The crusher breaks the large-sized gypsum ore into small pieces of less than 30mm, and sends them to the mill for grinding. After the grinding machine, the gypsum raw powder which has reached the required fineness of the product after grinding is sent to the boiling furnace for calcination. Partially returned to the mill for re-grinding until qualified. The qualified gypsum powder after calcination is sent to the clinker silo for storage or sent to the product workshop for use.
Process five systems
According to the process requirements, the construction gypsum production line is usually divided into five parts, namely the crushing system, the storage conveying system, the grinding system, the calcining system, and the electronic control system.
Related equipment: 1.Jaw Crusher  2.Raymond mill or ultrafine grinding mill 3.Boiling furnace

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