The new Raymond mill is a commonly used milling equipment for non-metallic mines such as gypsum, calcite, limestone, and marble. With the progress and development of milling equipment, various performance indicators have been greatly improved. In the gypsum powder production line, the professional and efficient gypsum Raymond mill is more cost-effective, more advanced in quality, and has a higher-end powdering process. It is a powerful weapon equipment to promote the market competitiveness of gypsum powder. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing gypsum powder Raymond mill equipment, which has reached a large step in both production capacity and energy consumption, and is the mainstream equipment to accelerate the efficient production of gypsum powder.

1. What is the value of gypsum

Gypsum powder is one of the five major gel materials. The main component is water-containing calcium sulfate, and most of them are white translucent crystals; they can be carved with fingernails, so they are also called "soft plaster". The gypsum that loses crystal water is called anhydrite; the fibrous is called fibrous gypsum, with obvious silk luster; the colorless and transparent crystals like glass are called permeable gypsum; there are also alabaster and earthy gypsum. Gypsum is widely used, can be used as building gypsum board; gypsum block; plastering gypsum; putty powder; quick-drying powder; gypsum line and other raw materials for construction products. In addition, in the food and pharmaceutical industries, the application value of gypsum is also very prominent.

2. The role of Raymond Mill in the application of gypsum

As a commonly used gypsum grinding equipment, gypsum Raymond mill is continuously improved and developed as the application value of gypsum is improved. The new type of gypsum Raymond mill effectively solves the disadvantages of traditional mills and the efficiency of milling. Compared with the R-type machine, the output of the new gypsum Raymond mill is increased by more than 40%, and the unit energy consumption is saved by more than 30%. It can effectively process 80-600 mesh finished products, and the quality of the particle form Uniformity, excellent quality, effectively improve the use efficiency of a single device, it is an advanced weapon equipment with a greater expansion of the use of gypsum powder.

3. Can set exclusive equipment selection and price

The gypsum powder fineness and output required by different customer groups are inconsistent. As a professional powder equipment manufacturing expert, we formulate a more detailed selection plan according to customer needs, giving gypsum Raymond with higher cost With the professional, dedicated and efficient production artisan spirit, the price of milling machine creates better products and service guarantee for our customers.
Raymond mill for gypsum powder
CLIRIK new gypsum powder production line Raymond mill-vertical swing mill
【Grinding ring diameter】: 1000-1700mm
【Production capacity】: 1-25t / h
【Finished particles】 : 0.022-0.18mm
【Product Features】: This mill is a new type of milling equipment after technological innovation based on the pendulum mill, which greatly improves the user's equipment efficiency and reduces the energy consumption per unit of production in terms of production capacity and unit energy consumption in the field of non-metallic mineral processing.
【Focus Area】: Focus on coal gangue, wollastonite, lime, zircon sand, bentonite, manganese ore, gypsum, calcite, barite, fluorite, marble and other Mohs hardness is below 7 and humidity is within 6% Grinding and processing of non-metallic minerals, the product has a number of national patented technologies, and its performance reaches the national leading level.
As a professional milling equipment manufacturer, we are committed to improving and increasing the efficiency of milling machines. In accordance with the status of the gypsum powder production line, we specialize in the production of high-quality gypsum Raymond milling equipment to generate revenue for our customers' gypsum milling projects. If you have a gypsum processing project, you may wish to visit our factory for more product information, or you can call our hotline to find out the price of gypsum Raymond mill. Contact the hotline: + 86-13917147829.