Gypsum powder is usually colorless transparent crystal called plaster, sometimes due to impurities and ash, light yellow, light brown and other colors. There is a widely use after be grinder by gypsum powder production line.

1. Building materials, construction

A: anhydrite cement and cementitious materials: adding activator can indeed produce anhydrite cement or cementitious material, reinforcement, suitable for soft soil foundation wall paint, mechanical model, tunnel supporting and fiber production pressure plate etc.
B: used as a cosolvent and a purifying agent in the glass production process.
C: used as filler in industrial production of plastics, rubber, paints, bitumen, linoleum, etc..
D: concrete expansion agent, anti cracking agent, self leveling mortar main raw materials.
E: cast-in-place piles and deep mixing piles are used as big expansion materials to increase friction.
F: used as a compound mineralizer in special cement production

gypsum powder production line
2. Chemical

A: the production of sulfuric acid, attached to light cement.
B: the production of ammonium sulfate, accompanied by light calcium carbonate.

3. Agriculture

A: to improve the soil and regulate the acidity and alkalinity, it is suitable for the improvement of soil, such as saline alkali land and red earth land.
B: edible fungi are used as calcium and sulfur compound mineral fertilizers to regulate the pH of culture medium.
C: used as a composite mineral feed additive in poultry and livestock feed.

You can choose a gypsum powder production line by yourself. One gypsum powder production line usually includes crushing, lifting machines, grinding machines, conveying, dust removal and other processes.