The main equipment used in the gypsum powder production line is gypsum crusher, gypsum grinding mill and gypsum calciner. Due to the use of gypsum, the gypsum powder produced by most gypsum powder production lines has a fineness of 30 to 325 mesh. There are several types of milling equipment that can produce this fineness: ball milling, coarse powder vertical grinding, trapezoidal grinding mill, Raymond mill, and ultrafine grinding mill. Among them, Raymond Mill is the most cost-effective.

Gypsum powder production line-Raymond mill

Before talking about Raymond mill, we mainly understand the use of gypsum powder.


The application of gypsum powder has been used for a long time. In the early days, it was simply used to make chalk, putty, tofu and handicrafts. It has been widely used in many fields such as construction, building materials, power plants, paper, paint, food, medicine and so on. According to different application fields of gypsum powder, the gypsum powder production line can be divided into an architectural gypsum production line and a desulfurization gypsum production line.


According to the different production, Raymond mill can achieve a minimum of 4300*3500*5100mm, 3 grinding rollers, and the output is only 1-3 t/h; the largest Raymond mill can achieve 11450*7610*9906mm, 5-6 grinding Rollers, the output can reach 25t / h.

Therefore, the plasticity of Raymond mill is very high. In addition to the output, the high plasticity of the Raymond mill is also reflected in the fineness of the gypsum powder that it can process: 0.613-0.033mm (35-425 mesh) is directly available through the adjustment of the classifier.

In addition, unlike the ball mill, an additional powder sorting machine is required. The Raymond mill main body is directly equipped with a classifier, and the grinding and powder selection are completed at one time, which not only saves space but also saves costs.

Finally, Raymond Mill is cost-effective. Raymond Mill is a relatively classic model in milling equipment. The technology is relatively mature, and the customer is the most cost-effective equipment for general powder demand.


Although there are many manufacturers of Raymond mills on the market, and the prices vary widely, it is not easy to buy high-quality and low-cost equipment. If it is just from the price, it is easily blinded by low-priced defective products. Choosing the right gypsum powder Raymond grinding should consider the credibility of the manufacturer, but depending on the professionalism of the service personnel, the final after-sales service is also an important inspection standard.

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