Where is the production line of environmentally friendly hydrated lime equipment for grinding slaked lime? As a manufacturer of mill equipment and calcium hydroxide production line equipment, CLIRIK provides environmentally friendly slaked lime equipment production line with scientific configuration based on the current situation of slaked lime processing, with high operating efficiency and greater production capacity.

1. About environmental protection slaked lime equipment production line


With the development of calcium hydroxide market demand, professional calcium hydroxide production line equipment has attracted more and more attention and has become a professional equipment to help project construction and development. CLIRIK provides professional hydrated lime equipment production line configuration for slaked lime production needs. The whole equipment system is mainly composed of digestion system, slag mill and fine powder separator.
The digestion system provided by CLIRIK is an intelligent water distribution system with constant temperature digestion and a small footprint. It can be fully digested. The use of PLC automatic control can strengthen the quality control ability, obtain rapid hot water and ash, and further accelerate the digestion speed and Flour milling rate.
The hydrated lime production line equipment is a route composed of raw materials that need to be used in the production of calcium hydroxide, and then a series of production line activities such as processing, transportation, assembly, and inspection of the raw materials. In this way, the entire process can be completed, and through careful analysis of each production link, we can find the corresponding simple and convenient method.
Calcium hydroxide is widely used in production and life. You can mix slaked lime and sand to build bricks and whitewash the walls with lime slurry; apply lime slurry containing sulfur powder on the trees to protect trees, prevent frostbite, and prevent pests from laying eggs; prepare three-layer soil; use lime milk in agriculture Bordeaux mixture with bactericidal effect is prepared with copper sulfate solution as pesticide. Change the acidity and alkalinity of the soil. Adding an appropriate amount of hydrated lime to the soil can neutralize the acidity, change the acidity and alkalinity of the soil, and facilitate the survival of crops. Manufacture of sodium hydroxide as a food additive and water purification agent.


2. CLIRIK provides exclusive selection and configuration solutions

CLIRIK has rich experience and rich experience in making selection and configuration schemes, providing one-to-one product services, formulating exclusive selection and configuration schemes, and providing tailor-made services for each production line. At present, our company's calcium hydroxide production line selection cases are rich, and customers appreciate our hydrated lime production line very much. Customers commented that CLIRIK has large equipment capacity, environmental protection and noise reduction, high powder extraction rate, and good powder quality. Customers bring considerable production profits.